Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

After mysterious disappearance, Hong Kong publisher claims he is in China “cooperating with authorities”
Washington Post, January 4, 2016

【書店5人失蹤】《環時》:炒作對李波本人非好事 指「綁架」「越境執法」謠言不攻自破 ([5 missing from bookstore] Global Times: Speculation does no good to Lee Bo, rumors of “kidnap” and “law enforcement across boundary” self destructs)
Mingpao, January 5, 2016

台湾团体呼吁官方对香港铜锣湾书局事件表态 (Taiwan group calls on government to address Hong Kong Causeway Bay Bookstore event)
British Broadcasting Corporation, January 4, 2016

程翔指大陆人员来港掳人已非首遭 (Journalist Ching Cheong says mainland Chinese agents' abducting in HK is not unprecedented)
Radio France Internationale, January 5, 2016政治/20160105-程翔指大陆人员来港掳人已非首遭

CY on bookseller: It is unacceptable for mainland agencies to enforce law in HK
Hong Kong Free Press, January 4, 2016

梁振英希望失踪人李波提供相关失踪资料 (CY Leung asks the missing Lee Bo to provide information about his own disappearance)
Radio France Internationale, January 5, 2016政治/20160105-梁振英希望失踪人李波提供相关失踪资料