Monday, April 11, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

Britain's Hammond says bookseller removed from Hong Kong under duress
Reuters, April 8, 2016

UK Foreign Sec. Philip Hammond to discuss Hong Kong freedoms, autonomy with CY Leung
Hong Kong Free Press, April 8, 2016

Bookseller disappearances raise concerns about “safety and security” of foreigners in Hong Kong, says German consul
South China Morning Post, April 10, 2016

They’re young, vocal and very, very determined...but how do Hong Kong’s newest political parties differ?
South China Morning Post, April 11, 2016

HK's Joshua Wong: “Street activism is not enough”
British Broadcasting Corporation, April 11, 2016

環時形容香港眾志「又一個港獨黨」 稱鼓吹港獨即非法組織 未註冊社團募捐亦違法 (Global Times describes Demosisto as “another party for Hong Kong’s independence”, claiming promotion of independence constitutes illegal organization and fundraising of unregistered group is illegal)
Ming Pao, April 11, 2016

Hong Kong independence not feasible ... for now, says new pro-democracy group Demosisto
“香港众志”创党推2026自决公投 罗冠聪舒琪拟选立会
South China Morning Post, April 10, 2016