Friday, September 09, 2016

Access to Justice (司法公正)

再次发出人身安全保护令 (Court in Lanzhou’s Qilihe district issues 2nd personal protection order since March 2016 when national law against domestic violence went into effect)
Lanzhou Daily, September 1, 2016

婆婆遭儿媳家暴申请保护令获批, 系滁州首张人身安全保护令 (Chuzhou City approves first personal protection order request by woman suffering violence from daughter-in-law)
Anhua East Morning Paper, September 1, 2016

青浦区发出首份《家庭暴力告诫书》 (Shanghai’s Qingpu district issues first "Domestic Violence Written Warning")
Oriental Daily News, September 1, 2016

周强会见国际法院院长亚伯拉罕一行 (SPC Chief Justice Zhou Qiang meets with International Court of Justice President Abraham)
Legal Daily, September 6, 2016

Chinese court refuses medical parole for women's rights activist held for two years
Radio Free Asia, September 8, 2016

Group calls on China to release five “disappeared” citizen journalists
Radio Free Asia, September 8, 2016

China arrested dozens of reporters and activists for G-20—but did any world leader object?
The Washington Post, September 8, 2016