Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

驻港京官为香港增政治红线:不得挑战中央权威 (Zhang Xiaoming, Director of Central Government Liaison Office in Hong Kong raises political “bottom line”: one must not challenge authority of central government)
Radio France Internationale, January 2, 2017中国/20170102-驻港京官为香港增政治红线:不得挑战中央权威

Hong Kong told to uphold rule of law, fight separatism
China Daily, January 3, 2017

中国军事管研所副所长建议让港人参军促进人心回归 (Senior military official Wang Xinjian: let Hong Kong people join People’s Liberation Army to foster identification with mainland)
Radio France Internationale, January 1, 2017中国/20170101-中国军事管研所副所长建议让港人参军促进人心回归

Let Hongkongers serve in China’s People’s Liberation Army, says top military official
South China Morning Post, January 3, 2017

香港民阵发起元旦游行提三大诉求 (Hong Kongers march for pro-democracy lawmakers: 3 demands)
Deutsche Welle, January 1, 2017

Thousands in Hong Kong march for pro-democracy lawmakers
Associated Press, January 1, 2017