Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Round-ups of Uyghurs continue as Egypt, China condemned by rights groups
Radio Free Asia, July 10, 2017

李和平妻女车祸受伤 网民质疑与“709案”有关 (Li Heping’s wife and daughter injured in car accident, Internet users wonder if incident related to 709 crackdown)
Radio Free Asia, July 10, 2017

China to establish criminal proceeding system with Chinese characteristics
Xinhua, July 11, 2017

看守所法征求意见近尾声:问题的焦点集中在看守所归谁掌管 (Call for inputs on detention center law draws to a close: the focus of the question is where authority over detention centers lies)
The Paper, July 11, 2017