Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

Bilateral Ties
胡錦濤促中美4新領域合作 (Hu Urges Sino-American Cooperation in Four New Fields)
Ming Pao, May 24, 2010

'Severe Graft' Hits Building Industry
China Daily, May 21, 2010

Human Rights Defender – Feng Zhenghu (冯正虎)
Activist's Plan to Visit Expo Park Blocked
South China Morning Post, May 22, 2010

Human Rights Defenders
Stifling Voices of Those Who Question Authority
South China Morning Post, May 22, 2010
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Nation Rapt by Detained Petitioner's Story
South China Morning Post, May 22, 2010

维权人士杨剑昌高票连任深圳人大代表 (Rights Activists Yang Jianchang Reelected as Delegate to Shenzhen People's Congress by a High Margin of Votes)
Radio France Internationale, May 23, 2010中国/20100523-维权人士杨剑昌高票连任深圳人大代表

China to Improve Coal Mine Safety Facilities
Xinhua News Agency, May 20, 2010

'Get Rid of Interference in Local Courts'
China Daily, May 24, 2010

Beijing Plans Curbs on Number of Foreigners Working in China
The Daily Telegraph, May 23, 2010

Law Chokes Chinese NGOs' Foreign Funding
Christian Science Monitor, May 20, 2010

中央要求严格征地拆迁管理工作 修法进程正提速 (Central Authorities Demand Strict Management of Evictions; Revision of the Law Proposed)
Outlook, May 24, 2010

中央人民广播电台大幅增加维语广播 (Report: China National Radio to Increase Broadcasts in Non-Sinitic Language)
Radio Free Asia, May 21, 2010

Protests and Petitions
Tibetan Victims in Yushu Quake Protest for Funds
South China Morning Post, May 23, 2010

Public Health
富士康聘两千专家阻员工自杀 (FOXCONN Recruits 2000 Specialists to Curb Suicides among Staff)
British Broadcasting Corporation, May 24, 2010

Lack of Rain Results in Poverty for Many
China Daily, May 22, 2010

Dalai Lama Tweets to Chinese Citizens about Tibet
Associated Press, May 21, 2010
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汉藏推特对话显功效 官媒记者叫封杀 (Journalists and Officials Say They Were Kept Out of Sino-Tibetan Dialogue on Twitter)
Radio Free Asia, May 23, 2010
China Hopes Development Solves Region's Tensions
Associated Press, May 20, 2010

新疆全面通网后25人因传播"有害信息"被查 (XUAR: 25 Investigated and Prosecuted for Disseminating Harmful Information)
Tianshannet, May 23, 2010

新华社副总编谈新疆事件报道引风波 (Xinhua Deputy Editor Cases Stir with Lecture on the Sensitive Topics, Particularly 2008 XUAR Unrest)
Radio France Internationale, May 23, 2010中国/20100523-新华社副总编谈新疆事件报道引风波