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Monday, August 22, 2005

August 20-22, 2005

Top news of the day

Detention - Xie Chunren (谢纯仁) / State Security - Spying
China Has Arrested American on Suspicion of Spying for Taiwan
New York Times, 19/08/2005
The Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed the arrest of Xie Chunren(谢纯仁), a Chinese-born American businessman who runs a nutritional company in Sichuan, on May 31,2005 in Sichuan. Xie has been accused of "engaging in activities harmful to the security of the People's Republic of China", and put under "residential surveillance under suspicion of espionage for Taiwan".

Border Territories - Taiwan
Taiwan detains 20 fishermen from China
Taiwan News, 22/08/2005

Corruption / Government - Governance and accountability
Beijing to step up efforts in curbing corruption by stressing on accountability of public officials
北京加大反腐治本力度 领导干部问责办法将制定, 21/08/2005

Detention – Ching Cheong (程翔) / State Security - Spying
Glimmer of hope for Ching Cheong
SCMP, 22/08/2005

Hong Kong Democratic Party stage protest outside the China's Representative office demanding a fair and open trial for Ching Cheong
香港民主党到中联办请愿 促公开审讯程翔, 19/08/2005

Detention – Zhu Jiuhu (朱久虎) / Human Rights - Human rights defenders
Chinese lawyers urge lawyer association to relay industry's concerns over the detention of Zhu Jiuhu (朱久虎) to the authorities as clarification needed to protect lawyers' rights
Voice of America, 21/08/2005

Shaanxi arrests highlight doubts over the rule of law in China
Financial Times, 20/08/2005

Education / Politics
NPC Representative agrees more efforts needed to enforce 9-year free education, but 12-year free education appears unrealistic
人大代表反对义务教育增至12年 强调巩固九年制, 21/08/2005

Food Security
China succeeds in solving food problem, 20/08/2005

Gender - Marriage
China witnesses record divorces in 2004
Press Trust of India via Financial Express, 21/08/2005

Administrative Procedure Law: 30 % of the plaintiff win their cases in the first hearing
Legal Daily, 22/08/2005

Law - Legal reform
Accused government agents required to suspend administration duties throughout the court hearing period, according to the draft revision of Administrative Procedure Law
The Beijing News, 22/08/2005

Draft revision of Civil Procedure Law to reduce legal fee to as low as 10yuan per case to ensure access to legal advice
民事诉讼法修改稿再降低诉讼费 打官司10元起价, 22/08/2005

China to amend law on administrative procedure
Xinhua, 22/08/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship
Party raps media over beer reports
SCMP, 22/08/2005

Poverty - Rural poverty
Income gap critical by 2010, experts warn
China Daily, 22/08/2005

Protests and Petitions / Labor - Work safety / conditions
Outrage over orders to blow up coal mines
SCMP, 22/08/2005

Protests and Petitions – Cases / Police -Abuse
Dozens Hurt After China Factory Protest
AP via, 21/08/2005

Toxic waste sparks violent protest at China factory
Reuters, 22/08/ 2005

Dozens hurt as police beat demonstrators
AP via SCMP, 22/08/2005

Public Health / Education
Medicare to cover college students, 22/08/2005

Public Health
Survey shows 90% of the respondents discontent with changes resulted from the health care reform in the last decade
CRI Online, 22/08/2005

Review the current debate on health care reform
Nanfang City News, 22/08/2005

More youth, women smoking: survey, 20/08/2005

Can foreign insurance companies save China's health care reform from disgrace?
中国医疗走入困境,外国保险公司能够起死回生?, 19/08/2005

Hong Kong says China often stays mum on food scares, 22/08/2005

Resettlement - Forceful eviction / Law
Supreme High Court refuse to involve in resettlement and forceful eviction disputes shows wisdoms or helpless of our judicial system
司法的智慧还是无奈? 最高法回避房屋拆迁纠纷, 22/08/2005

Society - Social Stability
China's widening income gap threatening social stability: government
AFP via, 22/08/2005

China bans Islamic group in Xinjiang, arrests 179
News From Bangladesh via, August 20, 2005

Xinjiang in NW China becomes country's major oil, gas production base
People’s Daily Online, 22/08/2005