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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

China's mass detention of Xinjiang's ethnic minorities shows no sign of let-up
Radio Free Asia, November 1, 2017

侮辱国歌情节严重,最高可判3年 (Serious disrespect to national anthem punishable by up to 3 years in jail)
National People’s Congress, November 1, 2017

最高人民检察院关于人民检察院全面深化司法改革情况的报告 (Supreme People's Procuratorate reports to NPCSC on comprehensively deepening judicial reform on People’s Procuratorate)
National People’s Congress, November 1, 2017

最高人民法院关于人民法院全面深化司法改革情况的报告 (Supreme People's Court reports to NPCSC on comprehensively deepening judicial reform on People’s Court)
National People’s Congress, November 1, 2017

Access to Information (信息公开)

Headlines from China: “Have a Nice Day” passes Chinese censorship with “slight adjustments”
China Film Insider, November 1, 2017

China clamps down on news content providers in private sector
Radio Free Asia, November 1, 2017

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

台湾公民团体持续关注中国维权律师处境 (Civil society groups in Taiwan continue to pay attention to human rights lawyers in China)
Voice of America, November 1, 2017

Political prisoner’s wife beaten by relatives who asked her to leave husband
China Change, November 1, 2017

Government Accountability (政府问责)

山西将把违法违规煤矿负责人纳入“黑名单”管理 (Shanxi to blacklist bosses of illegal mines)
Xinhua News Agency, November 1, 2017

陕西取缔一网瘾治疗机构:非法办学存极大安全隐患 (Shaanxi outlaws Internet addiction treatment center because of huge safety concerns)
Beijing News, November 1, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

Hongkongers who boo national anthem could be charged even before local law is passed, Exco member warns
South China Morning Post, November 2, 2017

理大調查:七成中學生不信內地政府 協理副校長指港生認知不足 「應多去看看」 (PolyU survey finds 70% secondary school students don’t trust mainland government)
Mingpao, November 2, 2017

立法會辯論一地兩檢 關注組集會 羅冠聰籲港人勿放棄 (Concern group protests against co-location arrangement and Nathan Law asks Hongkongers not to give up)
Inmediahk, November 1, 2017

Mainland border checkpoint motion on verge of moving forward as Hong Kong opposition runs out of filibuster options
South China Morning Post, November 1, 2017

稱社民連不滅「同共產黨鬥長命」(Avery Ng says League of Social Democrats won’t vanish and he will outlive CPC)
Apple Daily, November 1, 2017

Hong Kong’s autonomous status has significantly deteriorated, UK think tank says
Hong Kong Free Press, November 1, 2017

Nathan Law felt his “life was under grave threat” in Hong Kong airport attack by pro-China mob
South China Morning Post, November 1, 2017

Don't dwell on “one or two events”, Hong Kong education chief says on why Tiananmen crackdown not in Chinese history plan
South China Morning Post, October 31, 2017

Commentary (评论)

被淪為洗腦工具的中史教育 (Chinese history education that turned into brainwashing tool)
Standnews, November 2, 2017

As Trump visits Asia, Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong warns business is eclipsing rights
Time, November 1, 2017

How are U.S.-China cyber relations progressing?
The Diplomat, November 1, 2017