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Thursday, November 24, 2005

November 24, 2005

Top News of the Day

Environment – Water
Water Crisis Shows China's Pollution Risks
New York Times, 24/11/2005

The widespread water contamination in Harbin, which has prompted the authorities to halt water supplies for the province, has once again exposed the imminent threat of pollution to residents in China, as well as a lack of confidence in governance because of delayed responses and possible cover-ups in coping with emergencies.


湖南福利院贩婴 800元买入3万元卖出 (Hunan Orphanage Reportedly Involved in Baby Sale), 24/11/2005
UN, WHO Take Part in Anti-Drowning Summit
SCMP, 24/11/2005

Death Penalty
北京首例因危害公共安全判处死刑的罪犯伏法 (Beijing's First Execution for Crime of Endangering Public Safety), 24/11/2005

死刑复核任重道远 (Review of Death Row Cases Important)
Legal Daily, 24/11/2005

Environment - Jilin Water Crisis
Fudging on Leak Let Rumours Fuel the Fears
SCMP, 24/11/2005

China Braces for Wave of River Pollution
New York Times, 24/11/2005

Toxic Slick Reaches Chinese City, 24/11/2005

Residents Flee Chinese City as Taps Go Dry Over Water Poisoning Scare
Voice of America, 24/11/2005

'Serious Pollution' of River After Blast Finally Admitted
SCMP, 24/11/2005

Environment - Pollution
China Mulls Tax on Disposable Products, 24/11/2005

China Sets Target for Environmental Protection of Coming Five Years, 15 Years
People's Daily, 24/11/2005

司法介入家庭暴力依然棘手 (Domestic Violence Cases Still a Thorny Issue for Courts)
Legal Daily, 24/11/2005

Government/ Law
十一五期间我国行政体制改革重要而紧迫 (Administrative Reforms Urgent and Important for China's 11th Five-Year Plan), 24/11/2005

政府体制改革是十一五规划的重点 (Administrative Reform is the Crux of China's 11th Five-Year Plan)
Radio Free Asia, 24/11/2005

取消户口界限的合宪性分析 (Constitutional Analysis on Abolishment of Hukou System)
Legal Daily, 24/11/2005

公安部户籍改革意见将明朗 专家:要大户籍改革 (Public Security Split on Hukou Reform), 24/11/2005

最高法院派出17个检查组检查公正执法情况 (17 Teams Dispatched from Supreme Court to Investigate “Fairness in Law Enforcement” Nationwide), 24/11/2005

国际新闻自由奖举行颁奖仪式 中国记者师涛获奖 (Jailed Journalist Shi Tao Wins Press Award)
Radio Free Asia, 23/11/2005

未立案就非法拘禁 两名民警受审 (Two Officers Tried for Illegal Detention)
Legal Daily, 24/11/2005

Protests and Petitions
维权律师抗议警察跟踪 (Activist Lawyer Protests Being Tailed by Police)
Ming Pao, 24/11/2005

民工对峙 北京警察持冲锋枪上阵 (Migrant Workers in Standoff with Beijing Police During Protest), 24/11/2005

Public Health - HIV AIDS
中国落实抗艾滋蔓延承诺进展缓慢 (China Lags Behind in AIDS Treatment)
Voice of America, 24/11/2005

湖南发布艾滋病治疗生活报告 仅2%的人接受治疗 (Only 2 Percent of HIV Patients Receiving Treatment in Hunan), 24/11/2005


Rural Issues - Taxation
中国已明确免征农业税的省份达288亿农民受益 (Rural Tax Waived for 800 Million Farmers), 24/11/2005

Social Security
养老保险新规将出台 基础养老月缴标准上调10% (New Pension Allowances to Rise by 10 Percent), 24/11/2005

讨论:中国计划建立农民最低生活保障制度 (Commentary on Plan to Set Up Social Security System for Rural Poor)
Radio Free Asia, 23/11/2005