The HRIC Daily Brief is a daily selection of news stories and commentary related to human rights in China, drawn from Chinese- and English-language news and online media sources that we monitor daily. In addition to headlines and source links, HRIC also provides English translation of Chinese headlines.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Access to Justice (司法公正)

12 months after crackdown, Chinese rights lawyers call for release of detained colleagues
South China Morning Post, July 9, 2016

Reluctant human rights defenders: The wives of those detained in China’s lawyer crackdown
Hong Kong Free Press, July 9, 2016

Husband of Chinese legal assistant Zhao Wei questions whether she has been set free
The Guardian, July 11, 2016

U.S. legislators criticize China's rights lawyer crackdown
Reuters, July 8, 2016

Mass Crackdown on Chinese Lawyers and Defenders
Human Rights in China, February 5, 2016

Inside China’s secret 23-day detention of a foreign nonprofit chief
The New York Times, July 10, 2016

Access to Information (信息公开)

學者以習近平命名臭蟲遭封殺 (Academic named new bug after Xi Jinping, news banned)
Hong Kong Economic Journal, July 11, 2016學者以習近平命名臭蟲遭封殺

【繁簡爭議】黨報指繁體字傳承歷史體現文化 惟現代人應「識繁用簡」 ([Debates over traditional and simplified characters] State media says traditional characters carries history and embodies culture, but modern people should “know the traditional and use the simplified”)
Ming Pao, July 9, 2016

Chinese language newspapers in Australia: Beijing controls messaging, propaganda in press
Sydney Morning Herald, July 10, 2016

China to target returning students with correct Party line
Radio Free Asia, July 8, 2016

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Chinese Propaganda Chief leads “Tibet Development Forum” in Lhasa
Voice of America, July 9, 2016

China ex-security czar's friend jailed for seven years
Channel NewsAsia, July 8, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

警校畢業禮邀駐港部隊司令檢閱被指破壞一國兩制 (PLA commander in Hong Kong invited to review Police Training School graduation ceremony, criticized for breaching One Country Two Systems)
Radio France Internationale, July 10, 2016中國/20160710-警校畢業禮邀駐港部隊司令檢閱被指破壞一國兩制

NYC welcomes Hong Kong controversial film "Ten Years" to America on Independence Day
Forbes, July 9, 2016

Opinion and Editorial (观点和社论)

China’s “The Paper”: Trailblazing media idealism or slick propaganda for the digital era?
Hong Kong Free Press, July 10, 2016

The “709 Incident:” some testimony from the human rights lawyer community
China Change, July 8, 2016