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Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27, 2008

Bilateral Ties
China Toys with India's Border
Asia Times Online, June 27, 2008

Death Penalty

Top Court Overturns 15% Death Sentences in 1st Half Year
China Daily, June 27, 2008

China Approves Reports on Quake Relief Work, Reconstruction Plan
Shanghai Daily (available at Xinhua), June 26, 2008

China Banks Lend out $6.1 Bln to Quake-Hit Sichuan
Xinhuanet, June 26, 2008

China Plans to Protect Threatened Qiang Culture in Wake of Quake
Xinhuanet, June 26, 2008

China Training Medical Staff to Help Traumatized Quake Survivors
Xinhuanet, June 26, 2008

Death Toll in Xinjiang Oil Tank Explosion Rises to 5
Shanghai Daily, June 26, 2008

Economic Development
Half of Chinese Expect Inflation to Worsen, Survey Finds
AFP (available at Google News), June 26, 2008

Human Rights Defenders - Huang Qi (黄琦)
律师欲见维权人士黃琦被拒 (Huang Qi's Lawyer Refused Visit)
Ming Pao, June 27, 2008

Human Rights Defenders - Chang Kun (常坤)
AIDS Activist's Dream 'Died'
Radio Free Asia, June 26, 2008

Chinese Legislature Approves International Convention on Rights of Handicapped
Xinhuanet, June 26, 2008

China Approves SCO's Good Neighborly, Friendly Cooperation Treaty
Xinhuanet, June 27, 2008

China Removes Algae from Olympic Sailing Venue
Washington Post, June 26, 2008
China Says Anti-Dalai Lama Rant Not Politicizing Games
Reuters, June26, 2008

中国地方当局则以奥运或抗震为由,将访民拒之门外 (Chinese Officials Use Earthquake and Olympics as Excuse to Reject Petitioners)
Radio Free Asia, June 26, 2008

Olympics Haven't Helped Environment
Radio Free Asia, June 26, 2008

China's Hu Says Olympics Preparations in "Final Dash"
Reuters, June 25, 2008

Protests and Petitions
公安再扫荡「上访村」 保南站治安 拘数百告狀者 (Public Security Police Destroy Petitioning Village Again)
Ming Pao, June 27, 2008

Hubei Clashes over Dead Boy - in Related Incident Police Detain Former Local People's Congress Deputy Yao Lifa
Radio Free Asia, June 26, 2008

上海多名访民因到天安门广场被拘留 (Shanghai Petitioners Detained for Going to Tiananmen Square)
Radio Free Asia, June 26, 2008

Public Health
Hospital, Firms Made to Pay for Deadly Drug
China Daily, June 27, 2008


Tibetan Monk Demands Probe
Radio Free Asia, June 26, 2008

甘南两名僧侣被秘密判重刑 (Two Monks Given Harsh Prison Sentences in Secret Trial)
Radio Free Asia, June 26, 2008