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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009

Bilateral Ties
Chinese Vice President Meets German President
Xinhua News Agency, October 13, 2009
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默克尔:言论自由不是威胁是机会 (Merkel: Freedom of Speech Is Not a Threat But an Opportunity)
Radio France Internationale, October 12, 2009
Pakistani PM Starts China Visit
Xinhua News Agency, October 12, 2009

Strategy for Better Sino-US Relations Pays Off for Obama
South China Morning Post, October 13, 2009

环保工作面临矛盾高发态势 环境行政复议有三难 (Environmental Work Faces Increasing Problems)
China News Service, October 13, 2009

Human Rights Defender – Zhou Yongjun (周勇军)
Transfer to China of Dissident Unlawful: Hong Kong Lawmaker
Agence France-Presse, October 13, 2009
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港府遣送前民运人士去大陆遭到质疑 (HK Government Challenged for Repatriating Zhou Yongjun to Mainland)
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 13, 2009
Human Rights Defenders
胡佳等4人荣获2009年度美国《人权观察》“海尔曼人权奖” (Hu Jia, Shi Tao, and Others Awarded Human Rights Watch's 2009 Hellman/Hammett Grant)
Radio Free Asia, October 12, 2009
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37 Writers Get Hellman/Hammett Grants
United Press International, October 12, 2009
杭州维权农民杨云彪面临正式逮捕 (Hangzhou-based Farmer-Activist Yang Yunbiao Faces Formal Arrest)
Radio Free Asia, October 12, 2009

我国正努力培养专职农民工法律援助律师队伍 (China Endeavors to Form Specialized Team to Provide Legal Aid to Migrant Workers)
Southern Daily, October 13, 2009

專家稱中國媒體應該進一步開放 (Experts: Chinese Media Should Be Less Restrained)
Sina, October 13, 2009

Chinese Reveals Latest in Series of Deaths in Custody
Reuters, October 13, 2009

中国呼吁国际社会加强人口领域合作 (China Urges International Community to Increase Cooperation in Population Control)
Xinhua News Agency, October 13, 2009

英國會小組發表西藏報告 (British Parliament's All Party Parliamentary China Group Publishes Report on Tibet)
Ming Pao, October 13, 2009
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Tibet: Breaking the Deadlock
All Party Parliamentary China Group, October 12, 2009
Xinjiang to Strengthen Education on National Unity among Youth
China Daily, October 12, 2009

法律界人士:"75"事件被告人合法权利得到了保障 (Jurists: Lawful Rights of Defendants in the "July 5 Urumqi Riot" Case Are Protected)
Eastday, October 13, 2009
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7.5騷亂 6維人開審即日判死 「快刀斬亂麻」懾疆獨 淡化政治色彩 (6 Uyghurs Sentenced to Death on First Day of Trial; "Quickly Cutting to the Core" to Intiminate Independence Advocates)
Ming Pao, October 13, 2009