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Thursday, July 21, 2005

July 21, 2005


Bilaterals - US/China
US sees military power as limited
Reuters, AFP, July 21, 2005

Diplomats hit 'groundless attacks'
Reuters, SCMP, July 21, 2005

Borders Territories/Issues - Taiwan
Lien Chan says his mainland visit fruitful
People’s Daily Online, July 21, 2005

Death Penalty
From death sentence to death penalty with reprieve: Guangzhou Court reviews indictment of drug traffickers
全国最大制贩摇头丸案审结 嫌犯由死刑改判死缓, 21/07/2005

Economic Issues
China Says It Will No Longer Peg Its Currency to the U.S. Dollar
International Herald Tribune, July 21, 2005

Labor - Disasters
Latest China mine blast kills 26
Reuters, July 21, 2005

6 die in deserted mining pit collapse in central China
Xinhua, July 21, 2005

Henan Nanyang biggest homicide case: wrongfully convicted man given 300,000 yuan compensation after spending 13 years in jail
河南南阳第一命案13年后30万国家赔偿执行到位, 21/07/2005

"Harmonious society" and "food safety" among new Chinese media buzzwords
Interfax China, 21/07/2005

Media asked for more efforts to show "real China", 20/07/2005

Media - Internet
Let a Thousand Filters Bloom
Washington Post, 20/07/2005

Olympics / Resettlement
Beijing police arrest peasants who protests against forceful eviction for Olympic preparation
Radio Free Asia, 20/07/2005

Co-host cities pin hopes on Games
China Daily, 20/07/2005

Population - One-child policy / gender imbalance
Sex imbalance could threaten progress
SCMP, 21/07/2005

Protests and Petitions
19 petitioners arrested on the way to Zhongnanhai
圖往中南海請願京拘19上訪者, 21/07/2005

Farm owner sues Guangzhou city government for forceful eviction, a real test for the legality of the new petition regulations
信访要求能否下放 农场主状告广州市政府
Legal Daily, 21/07/2005

Hundred demobilized soldiers petition to Beijing for losing jobs at SOEs
數百退伍兵北京上訪, 21/07/2005

Hebei Dingzhou: Villagers welcome the halt of land conscription
河北定州绳油村土地不再征用 当地村民表示拥护, 21/07/2005

Villagers triumph in deadly land grab in China
AFP, July 21, 2005

Public Health - HIV AIDS /STDs / Children
Children unseen victims of Aids
SCMP, 21/07/2005

Number of Aids orphan reach 76, 000 and to increase to 2.6 million in 2010
我国现有7.6万名艾滋孤儿 2010年将增至26万, 20/07/2005

Rural Issues - rural development
US farm subsidies more than GDP of poor countries, the livelihoods of 900 million Chinese peasants severely affected
美農業補貼超窮國GDP, 中國九億農民生計受影響
Asia Times Online,20/07/2005