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Monday, October 16, 2006

October 14-16, 2006

Top News of the Day
Protests and Petitions - Olympics
抗议建变电站 北京警民推撞 (200 Beijing Residents Clash with Police over Construction of Transformer Station for Olympics Facilities)
Ming Pao, October 16, 2006
More than 200 Beijing residents clashed with police on October 15 over the construction of a transformer station for the Olympic Games. They argued that there had been no consultation about the construction, and the station was way too close to their residences. Scores of elders were injured and at least four protestors were taken away.

Video Contradicts China on Shooting of Tibetans
International Herald Tribune, October 15, 2006
A Romanian videotape appearing to show that Chinese security forces shot Tibetans refugees in the Himalayas on September 30 contradicts Beijing's claim that the refugees were shot by soldiers acting in self-defense. The video was taken by a Romanian mountain climber who was near Cho Oyu where the shooting took place.


In China, Children of Inmates Face Hard Time Themselves
Washington Post, October 13, 2006

Death Penalty
Top Judge Urges Care in Death Penalty Review
SCMP, October 16, 2006

中国评论﹕欲盖弥彰 乌纱帽难保 (Commentary: Local Officials in Chongqing Underreport Car Accident Death to Save Jobs)
Ming Pao, October 16, 2006

Cover-up of Pollution in Guizhou
SCMP, October 16, 2006

受害者多救济不畅 中国污染损害赔偿立法待破冰 (Legislation Needed to Regulate Compensation for Harmful Effects of Pollution), October 15, 2006

Gender - Sex Workers
Debate Rages over HIV Lecture for Sex Workers
SCMP, October 16, 2006

Government - Grassroots Elections
武汉警督独立参选人大代表被殴打 (Independent Candidate for Local Election in Wuhan Beaten over Complaint on Illegal Ballot Box)
Radio Free Asia, October 13, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Internet Activist - Li Hong (力虹)
高智晟与力虹被正式逮捕 (Gao Zhisheng and Li Hong Formally Arrested)
Radio Free Asia, October 13, 2006

China Drafts Law to Boost Unions and End Abuse
New York Times, October 16, 2006

沃尔玛中国店工会多 能否独立? (Can Wal-Mart Trade Unions Be Independent?), October 15, 2006

On the Back of China's Workers, Economic Lift Is Tainted by Exploitation
San Francisco Chronicle, October 15, 2006

Land Policy
中央重拳遏制地方政府卖地冲动 (Central Authorities to Pass Measures to Limit Land Sales at Local Level)
Nanfang Daily, October 16, 2006

湖北随州征地费被层层克扣农民未获分文 (Corrupt Officials Deprive Victims of Compensation for Land Grabs in Suizhou, Hubei Province)
Radio Free Asia, October 14, 2006

重庆:立法叫停网络恶搞 违者可能被罚款拘留 (Chongqing Passes Regulation that Punishes "Internet Disturbances")
Xinhuanet, October 16, 2006

Director Scorns 'Laughable' Laws
BBC, October 13, 2006

福建各中院及28个基层法院都将设新闻发言人 (All Intermediate People's Courts and 28 Local Courts in Fujian Province Adopt New System for Issuing Media Reports)
Xinhuanet, October 11, 2006

Migrant Workers
生活观念改变 农民工从谋求生存转变追求平等 (A Change of Attitude - Migrant Workers No Longer Only Interested in Survival, They Now Demand Equality)
People's Daily, October 15, 2006

驻京周记﹕建设和谐社会,当务之急是啥 (Commentary: Why Is the Priority on Building a Harmonious Society?)
Ming Pao, October 16, 2006

Population - One-Child Policy
New Policy Will Offer Cash Instead of Kids
People's Daily, October 16, 2006

Protests and Petitions - Olympics
王丹连署斥京为奥运提前清场 (Open Letter to IOC Condemns Beijing for Suppressing Rights Defense Movement Ahead of Games)
Apple Daily, October 16, 2006

Protests and Petitions
Patriot Pains
SCMP, October 16, 2006

Tibetans Train for Olympics - at Protest School
SCMP, October 14, 2006