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Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 30, 2006

Top News of the Day
Death Penalty
Christian Sect Leader Secretly Executed
SCMP, November 30, 2006
A court in Heilongjiang Province secretly executed Xu Shuangfu (徐双富), Li Maoxing (李毛兴) and Wang Jun (王军), leaders of an underground Christian sect, and nine followers last week. They were convicted of murdering members from a rival group, Xu's lawyer said. The US-based Christian Aid Association reported that Li's wife knew of the executions only when she was told by the court to retrieve his cremated remains on Monday. The organization alleged that the local government had tried to cover up evidence of torture by secretly cremating the inmates' bodies.

Party Expels Former Top Prosecutor in Tianjin
SCMP, November 30, 2006

Death Penalty
China Promises Not to Execute Suspect
The Australian, November 29, 2006,20867,20841790-1

China Villages Battle Lead, Zinc Poisoning
Radio Free Asia, November 29, 2006

Freedom of Speech
余杰败诉名誉侵权案 (Yu Jie Loses Defamation Lawsuit)
Radio Free Asia, November 29, 2006

北京男同性恋人群职员学生超4(Near Half of Beijing's Homosexual Men Have High Educational Background)
The Beijing News, November 30, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Ching Cheong (程翔)
In Brief: 40 Lawmakers Sign Letter for Journalist's Release
SCMP, November 30, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Zhao Yan (赵岩)
Verdict in Journalist's Fraud Case Appeal Due
SCMP, November 30, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚)
受监视居住令袁气晕 陈光诚案周五宣判 (Verdict for Chen Guangcheng to Be Delivered on Dec 1)
Radio Free Asia, November 29, 2006

Urban Jobless Rate Unlikely to Drop
SCMP, November 30, 2006

Land Policy
哪个地方拆迁不死人让人不寒而栗 ("Which Evictions Do Not Involve Death?" Asks a Shandong Official)
China Youth Daily, November 30, 2006

Judges Foil Kidnap Attempt
SCMP, November 30, 2006

检察机关应理直气壮地为公益诉讼出庭 (Procuratorate Should Launch Public Interest Litigations on Behalf of the Public)
China Youth Daily, November 30, 2006

不让百姓告状无门是促进正义的关键 (Proposal to Alter Standard for Establishing a Case Under the Civil Procedure Law)
China Youth Daily, November 30, 2006

网络实名制引而待发网友:要网民用实名,官员财产就要公开! (Commentary: "If Internet Real Name Registration is Required, then Cadres Must Disclose Wealth")
Nanfang City News, November 30, 2006

Magazine Censured for Political 'Defiance'
SCMP, November 30, 2006

中国官员全程陪媒体采访谁监督谁 (County Government in Anhui Proposes for Officials to Accompany Visiting Reporters)
Voice of America, November 29, 2006

Web Tool Called Psiphon Has Found a Better Way to Circumvent Government Censors
International Herald Tribune, November 28, 2006

Russia Braces for Drop in Arms sales as Chinese Spending Spree Slows
SCMP, November 30, 2006

Multilateral Relations
中国拖延八年后可望批准人权公约 (China Considers Ratifying the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights)
Voice of America, November 29, 2006

「黑电台」蔽空 京立法封杀 (Beijing Underground Radio Stations to Be Banned Ahead of the Olympics)
Wen Wei Po, November 30, 2006

评论:奥运低价票存寻租空间 谨防变成腐败盛宴 (Commentary: Low Costs for Olympic Tickets Could Promote Corruption), November 30, 2006

观察家:中共建新统一战线难和谐 (Commentary: CPC's New United Front Cannot Achieve Harmony)
Voice of America, November 29, 2006

Public Health
中央财政专款助男同性恋防艾 (Beijing Funds HIV/AIDS Prevention for Homosexual Men)
The Beijing News, November 30, 2006

京沪穗三地调查显示: 半数居民不歧视艾滋病患者 (Half of Residents in 3 Big Cities Do Not Discriminate Against AIDS Carriers)
China Youth Daily, November 30, 2006

Shanghai Reports 70pc Rise in New HIV/Aids Patients
SCMP, November 30, 2006

Survey: Discrimination Against HIV Patients Still Rife in China
Xinhuanet, November 29, 2006

China to Install Bishop Without Papal Approval
Washington Post, November 29, 2006

Social Security
Beijing Widens Pension Fund Mandates
Financial Times, November 30, 2006