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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Civil Society

去年近6成捐款流入政府  民间公益组织呼吁公示 (2011: 60% Donations Ended Up in Gov't Pockets)
Beijing Times, February 06, 2012

Economic Development

China to Publish Sensitive Wealth Gap Data
The Associated Press, February 06, 2012


重慶唱紅團唱入香港 (Chongqing's "Red" Party Song Troupe Heads to Hong Kong)
Ming Pao, February 07, 2012


China Fines Parents of HK-born Second Child: Report
Reuters, February 06, 2012

Public Health

广西拟立法明确艾滋病感染者有告知伴侣义务 接受艾滋病检测须实名 (Guangxi Draft Regs: Must Disclose to Partner Whether HIV-Positive)
Legal Daily, February 06, 2012
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New Rule on HIV Disclosure Sparks Debate
China Daily, February 07, 2012


安徽“两会”维稳文件曝光 当局戒备严控升级 (Leaked Doc on National Gov't Meetings Reveals Call for Heightened Control in Name of Stability Management)
Radio Free Asia, February 06, 2012


Government Workers Warned over Protests
Radio Free Asia, February 06, 2012

自治区纪委、监察厅发出紧急通知要求 严肃纪律 加强维护稳定各项工作监督检查 (Emergency Notice Demands Strict Discipline and Strengthening Supervision and Inspection of Stability Maintenance)
Tibet Daily, February 06, 2012