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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 12, 2009

Top news of the day
Human Rights Defender – Tan Zuoren (谭作人)
Chinese Police Detain Supporters of Quake Critic
Associated Press (via Google News), August 12, 2009

The trial of Sichuan-based writer and environmentalist Tan Zuoren (谭作人) was scheduled to begin Friday morning in the Chengdu Intermediate Court, but eleven supporters of Tan were detained – and two beaten – by police to prevent them from attending the trial. Tan, who has been accused of “subversion of state power,” was detained in March 2009; he was investigating the students who were victims of the May 2008 Sichuan earthquake and the sub-standard construction of the collapsed schools. In February 2009, he wrote a proposal, “5.12 Student Archive,” which called on volunteers to travel to Sichuan to document the cases.

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谭作人成都受审 王丹要求为其作证 (Tan Zuoren on Trial in Chengdu, Wang Dan Asks to Testify)
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 12, 2009
Bilateral Ties
Australia, China at Odds over Uighur Activist
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), August 12, 2009

Civil Society
北京德先生研究所网站被关 (Website of Beijing De Xiansheng Research Institute Shut Down)
Radio Free Asia, August 11, 2009

北京公益机构公盟缴纳罚款遭拒 (Gongmeng Tries to Pay Fine but Is Denied by Authorities)
Radio Free Asia, August 11, 2009

谁来执掌760亿元地震捐赠 (Tsinghua Investigation Reveals that Possibly 80% of Quake Relief Donations Entered Government Coffers)
China Youth Daily, August 12, 2009

Human Rights Defender – Xu Zhiyong (许志永)
一批中国公民发请愿书要求释放维权律师 (Chinese Citizens Petition the Release of Rights Defense Lawyer Xu Zhiyong)
Voice of America, August 11, 2009

Land Policy
Residents Protest Forced Relocation
China Daily, August 12, 2009

山东黑社会人员夜袭商户 民众指受官员指使 (Shandong Shop Owners Attacked by Thugs and Gangsters at Night, People Claim Attacks Were Directed by Officials)
Radio Free Asia, August 11, 2009

China's Supreme Court to Standardize Sentences for Criminal Convictions
Xinhua News Agency, August 11, 2009

中国城镇人口明年首超农村 城乡差距拉大 (China's Urban Population Shall Exceed Rural Population Next Year)
Radio Free Asia, August 12, 2009

State Security
China Formally Arrests Rio Tinto Employees
Reuters (via Yahoo! News), August 12, 2009
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Rio Employees Face Trade Secrets, Bribery Charges
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), August 12, 2009
达赖喇嘛:西藏问题是中国内政 (Dalai Lama: Tibet Issue Is China's Internal Matter)
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 10, 2009