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Monday, July 11, 2005

July 9-11, 2005

Top news of the day

China warns off angry oil investors - rights group, 9/07/2005
It is reported that local officials in Shaanxi Province had been arranging coercive private meetings with prominent individuals to weaken public support for shareholders in the drawn-out Shaanxi oilfields controversy.


Bilaterals - US/China
Rice upbeat after talks in Beijing
AFP, Reuters, AP, SCMP, July 11, 2005

FM holds talks with Rice on advancing China-US ties
Xinhua, July 10, 2005

US-China ties positive; concerns over military, human rights: Rice
AFP, July 10, 2005

Rice urges China to "reach out to Dalai Lama"
AFP, July 10, 2005

Borders Territories/Issues - Tibet
Tibetan beauty queen must wear "Miss Tibet-China" sash: Malaysian organisers
AFP, July 11, 2005

Detention – Li Jianping (李建平)
Wife speaks about the detention of freelance writer Li Jianping
Voice of America, 09/07/2005

Officials seek more support for education in Tibet and Xinjiang
SCMP, 11/07/2005

Environment - Pollution
Official urges people to protect environment
Xinhua, July 11, 2005

Food Security - GM Food
Mainland winnows for grains of truth in GM rice claims
SCMP, 09/07/2005

Human Rights - Bilateral ties
Rice raises human rights, religious freedom, currency issues with China
AFP via, 11/07/2005

China opens human rights website
People's Daily, 09/07/2005

Labor - Industrial accidents
China mine blast kills 22
Reuters via 11/07/2005

22 dead, 60 missing after blast in coal mine
AFP, July 11, 2005

Nearly 100 dead or missing in mine disasters
China Daily, July 11, 2005

Factory roof collapse kills 6, injures 6 in N. China
Xinhua, July 9, 2005

China mine blast kills 59, many missing
Reuters, July 11, 2005

Labour - Protests
Hundreds of redundant workers protests against overdue salary and unreasonable compensation
Voice of America, 08/07/2005

Law - Legal Reform
Draft property law allows abuse, says analyst
SCMP, July 11, 2005

Public opinions solicited on property law
Xinhua, July 11, 2005

Media - Internet
Internet more important than other media: Netizens
People's Daily, 8/07/2005

China meeting key to unlocking global trade talks: agency
Xinhua, July 11, 2005

Human rights activism risky in Communist China
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Online, 10/07/2005

IOC Tells China to Slow Olympic Building
SF, 09/07/2005

Police - Abuse
Hong Kong woman saved from forced abortion by Hunan Family Planning Unit
湖南计生办迫港妇堕胎 港府24小时救人, 11/07/2005

Yunnan: police spend over a year to investigate a forceful confession case, yet it could have been done in 7 days
People's Daily, 9/07/2005

Population One-child policy
China adheres to family planning to keep low birth rate: official
People's Daily, 11/07/2005

China opening jails for 1-child-policy violators
China National News, 11/07/2005

Population – Aging population / Social security
Pension system to be improved to ensure a decent retirement life of the elderly
养老保障制度不完善政协常委支招解决“老有所养”, 10/07/2005

Political Dissidents/Organizing - Petitions and Protests
All suspects in land row attack arrested
SCMP, July 11, 2005

Public Health - HIV Aids /STDs
Day highlights rising HIV in women, 11/07/2005

Female condoms to help prevent disease
China Daily, 11/07/2005

Anti-AIDS medicine in clinical trial
China Daily, July 11, 2005

China boosts fight against HIV/AIDS among women
China Daily, July 11, 2005

Religion - Christianity
Court given strict order from Secretary of CCP Political and Law Committee in hearing Cai Zhouhua's case
罗干亲自干预基督教蔡卓华案, 09/07/2005

Resettlement - Forceful eviction
All suspects in land row attack arrested
SCMP, 11/07/2005

Cadres expelled over attack on farmers
The Standard, 11/07/2005

Draft property law allows abuse, says analyst
SCMP, 11/07/2005

Hunan estate developers evict villagers with hand grenades
The Beijing News, 11/07/2005

Uniting China to Speak Mandarin, the One Official Language: Easier Said Than Done
New York Times, 10/07/2005

Hong Kong / WTO
WTO protesters plan three marches
SCMP, 11/07/2005