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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


92,000 Resettled for Water Diversion
Xinhua News Agency, December 20, 2011

Beijing Puts Emphasis on Sustainable Development
South China Morning Post, December 21, 2011

Human Rights Defenders

陈卫周五审讯 张维敏同日宣判 (Friday: Trial for Chengdu Dissident Chen Wei, Verdict for Shanghainese Petitioner Zhang Weimin)
Radio Free Asia, December 20, 2011

王荔蕻刑满释放 网民关注遭失踪 (Netizen Supporters of Activist Wang Lihong Go Missing)
Radio Free Asia, December 20, 2011


Real-name Registration Crucial to Microblog
Xinhua News Agency, December 20, 2011


Real-name System Adopted for Train Tickets
Xinhua News Agency, December 21, 2011

Protests and Petitions

China Village Draws Party's Attention
The Wall Street Journal, December 21, 2011

汕頭5萬人示威 「佔領」政府樓 (50K Guangdong Villagers Occupy Government Building to Protest Power Plant)
Ming Pao, December 21, 2011


中山珠海咸潮凶猛 两个抗咸专用水库基本用尽 (Severe Drought Leads to High Salinity, Exhausted Reservoirs)
Guangzhou Daily, December 20, 2011

Human Rights Defenders

內地維權人士王荔蕻出獄 (Beijing Activist Wang Lihong Released Today)
Ming Pao, December 20, 2011
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Wang Lihong, Zheng Yichun, Bo Xiaomao Released
Human Rights in China, December 20, 2011
广西人士因纪念先烈被软禁传唤 广州律师唐荆陵被带走疑涉乌坎 (Guangzhou: Rights Lawyer Tang Jingling Detained, Possibly in Connection to Wukan Protests)
Radio Free Asia, December 19, 2011

Rural Issues

社科院:城镇人口今年将首超农村 (CASS Blue Book: Urban Population Exceeds Rural Population for First Time)
Economic Information Daily, December 20, 2011


China Party Official Warns Members over Religion
Associated Press, December 19, 2011
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朱维群:共产党员不能信仰宗教 (Zhu Weiqun: Party Members Cannot Believe in a Religion)
Qiushi, December 15, 2011

Protests and Petitions

Tmall: Attackers Are Illegal Traders
Xinhua News Agency, December 20, 2011
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反淘宝联盟中联办及港交所请愿 抗议垄断式霸权及黑势力打压 (Anti-Taobao Alliance Cross Border to HK to Protest before Mainland Liaison Office and HK Stock Exchange)
Radio Free Asia, December 15, 2011
Villagers Vow to Fight If Police Attack
South China Morning Post, December 20, 2011