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Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 10, 2006

Top News
Media - Internet Censorship
中国易维基网站关闭维权组织关注 (Concern over Closure of Another Online Chinese Encyclopedia)
Voice of America, August 08, 2006
Reporters Without Borders has expressed concern that the editor of e-Wiki, an online Chinese encyclopedia, felt obliged to close down in late July due to government pressure. Experts point out that this Website and the popular Website Wikipedia, which was closed down last year, are difficult for the authorities to control because their content is written and edited by users.

Bilateral Ties
How China's Secret Deals Are Fuelling War
The Times, August 08, 2006,,6-2302757,00.html

Death Penalty
劫杀的哥凶手获死刑 此前另一同伙已拒捕自杀 (Man Sentenced to Death for Robbing and Murdering Taxi Driver in Beijing)
Xinhuanet, August 10, 2006

四川内江判处一黑社会团伙 两名成员被判死刑 (Two Triad Members Sentenced to Death on Murder and Other Charges in Sichuan)
Xinhuanet, August 10, 2006

Nearly 1,000 People Died in July from Natural Disasters in China
AFP (via YahooNews), August 09, 2006

秋风:义务教育与教育自由 (Expert: Compulsory Education and the Freedom to Provide Education)
Nanfang Daily, August 10, 2006

六成农村初中生不能升读高中 (60 Percent of Rural Middle-School Students Unable to Continue Studies in 2005)
Radio Free Asia, August 09, 2006

对付工厂排污 粤24小时监控 (Guangdong Factories Get Round-the-clock Monitoring of Emissions)
Ming Pao, August 10, 2006

节能降耗应是广东的一项战略大计 (Reducing Energy Consumption a Key Policy in Guangdong)
Nanfang Daily, August 10, 2006

四川给排污大户敲警钟 (Sichuan Factories to Be Shut Down if Pollution Not Improved in 3 Months)
China Youth Daily, August 10, 2006

The High Cost of an Economic Miracle
SCMP, August 10, 2006

Freedom of Speech
北京音乐剧质疑圆明圆史官方观点 (Beijing Musical Challenges Official Interpretation of History)
Voice of America, August 08, 2006

欣弗不良事件信息要日报 (Ministry of Health Demands Daily Reports on Suspect Antibiotic)
Legal Daily, August 10, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Internet Activist - Zheng Yichun (郑贻春)
郑贻春狱中权利被夺 海内外民运人士筹划新中国运动 (Imprisoned Rights Defender Zheng Yichun Denied Right to Marry; Dissidents Abroad Plan to Dissolve CPC)
Radio Free Asia, August 10, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Public Intellectual - Dolma Kyab (卓玛嘉)
西藏作家卓玛嘉狱中向国际组织求助 (Jailed Tibetan Writer Dolma Kyab Seeks Justice from UN Human Rights Council)
Radio Free Asia, August 09, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Petitioner - Li Xige (李喜阁)
李喜阁取保申请遭拒 民间称官方抗艾污点 (Local Authorities Refuse Li Xige’s Application for Release on Medical Parole Pending Further Investigation)
Radio Free Asia, August 09, 2006

全总:工会建立是否合法只有《工会法》说了算 (ACFTU: Only the Trade Union Law Can Determine Legality of Establishing Trade Unions)
Xinhuanet, August 10, 2006

China Union and Wal-Mart Talks in Limbo
Reuters, August 09, 2006

Land Policy
China's Housing Headache
Business Week, August 10, 2006

社论:廉租房应该建成永续流动机制 (Editorial: Make Policy on Cheap Rental Housing a Permanent Mechanism)
Nanfang Daily, August 10, 2006

粵被征地农民可领养老金 (Guangzhou to Provide Old-age Pension to Elderly Victims of Land Grabs)
Ming Pao, August 10, 2006

PAAG案法院过期未判 官称社会关注須谨慎论证 (Courts Delay Verdicts on Compensation Claims over Defective Plastic Surgery Materials)
Ming Pao, August 10, 2006

Chinese Tech Buffs Slake Thirst for U.S. TV Shows
New York Times, August 09, 2006

WHO Hopes China Will Learn Lesson from Belatedly Confirmed Bird Flu Death
Xinhuanet, August 09, 2006

Quake Monitor Sues over Smashed Station
SCMP, August 10, 2006

Beijing Focuses on Cleaning Up the Air for Its Olympic Moment
Los Angeles Times, August 09, 2006

分析人士:中共文件难阻裙带关系 (Analysts: CPC's New Regulations Cannot Stop Corruption)
Voice of America, August 08, 2006

分析:中共限干部任期非政改关键 (Commentary: Duration of Term of Office Is Not Key Issue in Political Reform)
Voice of America, August 08, 2006

中国机构吁政府审查外资并购国企 (Chinese Think-tank Urges Government to Examine Foreign Firms that Buy State-owned Enterprises)
Voice of America, August 08, 2006

Protests and Petitions
Mass Shooting at China Riot False - Report
Independent Online, August 10, 2006

浙江拆迁冲突 3執法员殉职 (Three Officers Killed in Eviction Clash in Zhejiang; Suspect Arrested)
Ming Pao, August 10, 2006

China Says Protests Down in First Half
Reuters, August 09, 2006

Tibetan Horse Race Canceled After Violence
Radio Free Asia, August 09, 2006

湖北出租司机罢工请愿两代表失踪 (Two Representatives Missing After Taxi Drivers Strike in Hubei)
Voice of America, August 08, 2006

Public Health
Anhui Antibiotic Death Toll Climbs to Nine
SCMP, August 10, 2006

Drug Watchdog Bowing to Firms, Legal Experts Say
SCMP, August 10, 2006

China Encourages Methadone Replacement Therapy to Prevent Spread of AIDS
Xinhuanet, August 09, 2006

英大主教访5城 或谈敏感问题 (British Archbishop to Visit Five Chinese Cities, May Bring Up Sensitive Issues)
Wen Wei Po, August 10, 2006

中国扩建青藏铁路日喀则支线惹争议 (China’s Proposal to Extend Qinghai-Tibet Railway to Xigaze Sparks Controversy)
BBC, August 10, 2006

Tibet's New Railway to Extend to Xigaze Next Year: Official
Xinhuanet, August 09, 2006

Hong Kong
Death Threat Letter for Civic Party
SCMP, August 10, 2006