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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

DAILY NEWS BRIEF FOR October 12, 2004

Top news of the day

First civil code expected to pass soon, but revisions for civil procedural law pending till 2006
中国首部民法典有望近年通过 民诉法修改暂搁置
Chinesenewsnet, October 12, 2004

Revisions for civil procedural law pending as focus shifts to drafting Civil Code
民诉法修改工作近期无法展开 民法典为当前立法重点
NanfangDaily, October 12, 2004

Chinese “criminal procedural law” expects more major revisions
Chinese Youth Online, October 12, 2004

Labour – Industrial accidents
7 died in coal mine blast in Hunan
Chinese Youth Online, October 12, 2004


Detention – HuangJinqiu
RSF urges Chirac put pressure on China for the release of HuangJinqiu
Radio Free Asia, October 12, 2004

Hukou reform: how attractive is the identification of “urban resident”?
户籍改革:"城里人"身份有多少吸引力?, October 12, 2004

Human rights
Li Zhaoxing alleges US unreasonable accusations of China’s human rights conditions
李肇星三问美国记者 驳斥其对中国人权无理指责, October 4, 2004

June 4th
“Tiananmen Mothers” accuse Chirac of failing to pressure on China’s human rights issues
「天安门母亲」丁子霖致信 斥希拉克助纣为虐, October 12, 2004

China’s chief judge emphasizes the importance of fairness and efficiency of judicial system in Yale lecture
LegalDaily, October 12, 2004

Law – Court system
Extra court shifts to help clear lawsuits
SCMP, October 12, 2004

Migrant workers
Survey shows poor treatment of migrant workers, experts urge for extending resident benefits to migrant workers
调查显示民工境遇堪忧 专家称应让其享市民待遇
Chinesenewsnet, October 12, 2004

EU fails to agree on lifting arms embargo
SCMP, October 12, 2004

EU keeps arms embargo but gives positive consideration for a lift
Chinesenewsnet, October 12, 2004

Police suspected involving in beating up resident protesters in Nanjing
南京数百居民维权被殴 疑警方穿便衣参与殴打
Daijiyuan, October 12, 2004

Chinese researchers concern over political reforms
Mingpao, October 12, 2004

Extreme poverty population and poverty alleviation in China
Voice of America, October 12, 2004

Public Health – HIV aids
UN chief highlights key role in fighting HIV/Aids
SCMP, October 12, 2004