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Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

Top news
Human Rights Defender – Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波)
记者质疑非法禁锢异议者 人大法制委员称没这样的问题 (Chinese Legislator Denies Persecution of Dissidents at Press Conference)
Radio Free Asia, March 10, 2011
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Verdict on Liu Xiaobo Has Sufficient Legal, Factual Grounds: Legislator
Xinhua News Agency, March 10, 2011
Two Sessions
Transparency the Solution to Myriad Social Woes, CPPCC Delegates Say
South China Morning Post, March 11, 2011

全国政协委员王平主张不要鼓励农村孩子上大学 (CPPCC Delegate: Don't Encourage Rural Students to Enter College)
Radio Free Asia, March 10, 2011

中纪委原副书记刘锡荣建议出台防治腐败法 (Former Disciplinary Committee Official Calls for Corruption Prevention and Treatment Law)
Qiangjiang Evening News, March 11, 2011

广东团审议报告时有代表提出:艾滋嫌犯应单独羁押 (NPC Rep Calls for Separate Detention Areas for Inmates with AIDS)
Guangzhou Daily, March 11, 2011

Death Penalty
刑法:贪腐不宜取消死刑 (Legal Scholar: Death Penalty Should Be Gradually Abolished, Especially for Non-Violent Crimes)
The Beijing Times, March 11, 2011

學校倒塌全城斷電 雲南5.8級地震逾270死傷 (Yunnan: 5.8 Magnitude Quake Topples School, Kills 270)
Ming Pao, March 11, 2011

Land Policy
地方当局漠视禁令 唐山七户村民遭漏夜强拆 (Local Authorities Ignore Ban on Demolitions, Destroy 7 Houses in Shanxi)
Radio Free Asia, March 10, 2011

人大代表建议审查逮捕嫌疑人可听取律师意见 (NPC Rep: Opinions of Suspect's Defense Council Should Be Heard during Investigation and Arrest)
Legal Daily, March 11, 2011

Public Health
Treatment Fees Covered for People with Mental Illnesses
China Daily, March 11, 2011

江苏牧师遭软禁抢钱及殴打 家庭教会会长被强制旅游 (Jianngsu Pastor Beaten, Put under House Arrest; House Church Head Forced to Take a Trip)
Radio Free Asia, March 10, 2011

Rural Issues
成都统筹城乡经验探析:政府不介入让农民自主 (Chengdu's Urban-Rural Plan: Farmer Autonomy, No Gov't Intervention)
China Central Television, March 11, 2011

赴台探亲规定拟放宽 (Rules Relaxed for Mainlanders Visiting Taiwan)
Legal Evening News, March 11, 2011

Dalai Lama's 'Jasmine Moment'
The Times of India, March 11, 2011
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Agence France-Presse, March 10, 2011

Tibetan Legislators Shrug off Dalai Lama's "Political Show"
Xinhua News Agency, March 10, 2011

欧盟议会批准保护喀什古城决议 (European Parliament: Stop the Destruction of Kashgar)
Deutsche Welle, March 10, 2011,,14903896,00.html
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European Parliament, March 10, 2011