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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 01, 2010

Death Penalty

Court Approves Death Sentence for Man Killing 4
Xinhua News Agency, August 31, 2010

黑龙江桦南林业局北山口三百学生失学 (Heilongjiang: 300 Pupils Lost Their School)
Radio Free Asia, August 31, 2010

China Beefs Up School Security as Classes Resume
Agence France-Presse, September 01, 2010

Polluters Targeted in Survey of Waterways
South China Morning Post, September 01, 2010

Food Security
湖南质监掩盖茶油致癌物超标 官员称为维稳 (Hunan Official: Carcinogenic Camellia Oil Cover-Up Was to Maintain Social Stability)
Xin Kuai Bao, September 01, 2010

Human Rights Defender
声援刘贤斌被以散谣拘留 王译获释后遭遣返软禁 (Online Activist under House Arrest for Supporting Detained Activist Liu Xianbin)
Radio Free Asia, August 31, 2010

Land Policy
调查报告:56.8%的失地妇女不愿转成城镇居民 (Survey: 56.8% of Women Who Have Lost Their Land Do Not Wish to Become Urban Residents)
Workers Daily, September 01, 2010

Wrongly Jailed 8 Years, Man Gets Compensation
Shanghai Daily, September 01, 2010

China's Gang Crackdown Nets 278,000 Criminal Cases
Associated Press, August 31, 2010

阻挠采访 虎门治安员围殴记者 (Dongguan: Journalist Beaten by Security whilst Investing Story)
Southern Metropolis Daily, September 01, 2010

State Security
维稳体系全国联网 公民黑箱分级曝光 (Stability Maintenance Document Exposed)
Radio Free Asia, August 31, 2010

无国界记者组织谴责中国监禁藏族学生 (Reporters Without Boarders Condemns China for Detaining Tibetan Students)
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 31, 2010