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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

February 17, 2005


Premier Wen urges intensified efforts to prevent corruption, February 17, 2005

Self-help group for Chinese mothers launched in Beijing
Legal Daily, February 17, 2005

Gender – law
Law not protects sexual offences of the same sex
男子遭同性性侵犯 施暴者无法被追究刑事责任
People’s Daily, February 17, 2005

Watchdog clears the way for power plant construction to restart
SCMP, February 17, 2005

Beijing likely to face more pressure to cut emissions
SCMP, February 17, 2005

Labour - Industrial accidents (Liaoning Fuxin case)
Little hope for missing pitmen
SCMP, February 17, 2005

Labour – industrial accidents
Five die, 17 missing in Yunnan mine
SCMP, February 17, 2005

Law – legal profession
10 major trends of the development of China’s lawyer industry
Legal Daily, February 17, 2005

New regulations on press cards to be effective on March 1, February 17, 2005

Public health
Infectious diseases kill 382 on mainland, February 16, 2005

Public health – HIV aids
Aids prevention the key in Henan and school fee exemption for aids patients’ children
河南今年防艾重点确定 艾滋病病人子女免收学费, February 17, 2005

Legal protection to equal opportunities in employment – learning from international labour standard and Canadian legislation
Legal Daily, February 17, 2005

Hong Kong – political party
Revamped DAB may find role as kingmaker
The Standard, February 17, 2005

Handling of Mainland Dissidents Ties Taiwan in Knots; Pro-democracy activists were jailed upon arrival. Officials point to the...
Los Angeles Times, 17 February 2005
Taiwan is having trouble figuring out just what to do with two Chinese dissidents who sought refuge here after years of repression on the mainland.

China military buildup threatens US forces: CIA chief
AFP, Feb 16, 2005
China's military buildup could tilt the strategic balance with Taiwan and also threaten US forces in Asia, CIA director Porter Goss warned.

China assails CIA report on weapons buildup
Reuters, February 18, 2005
China issued a denunciation Thursday of a U.S. assessment that its weapons buildup is tilting the balance of power in the Taiwan Straits, and it said the comments sent the wrong signal to Taiwan, the self-governing island Beijing claims as its own.

February 16, 2005

Top news of the day

Media – press freedom / industrial accident (Fuxin blast)
Reporters discouraged from reporting Fuxin coal mine tragedy
辽宁煤矿灾变灾情惨 记者称当局封锁新闻, February 16, 2005


Children - adoption
Chinese parents challenge 'biased' US custody ruling
SCMP, February 16, 2005

415 corrupt party officials published in 2004, 15 in high-ranking positions
去年15名省(部)级415名厅级干部受党纪政纪处分, February 16, 2005

More than 150,000 corrupt Communist Party members disciplined in 2004
ASSOCIATED PRESS, February 16, 2005
China’s Communist Party disciplined more than 150,000 corrupt party members in 2004 and uncovered more than US$300 million (HK$2.34 billion) in misused public funds, the government said on Wednesday.

Detention – Zhang Lin (張林)
RSF urges China to release freelance writer Zhang Lin (張林)
Radio Free Asia, February 15, 2005

Disaster / Xinjiang
Xinjiang hit by quake but gets off lightly
SCMP, February 16, 2005

Education Bureau sacks 30,000 unqualified staff last year
全国各级教育部门去年调离辞退近3万不合格人员, February 16, 2005

Hong Kong - rights
Hong Kong labours over minimum wage debate: High unemployment has prompted the city's legislators to review legal protections for low-paid workers
Financial Times, 15 February 2005

June 4th – EU arms ban
France pushes case to lift China arms embargo despite US fears: minister
AFP via, February 16, 2005

US lobbying may limit future EU arms sales
SCMP, February 16, 2005

Land policy
Researcher says privatization of land the key to resolve existing rural issues
中国国情研究中心主任蒯辙:中国土地私有化解决三农问题, February 16, 2005

Labour – industrial accidents
China accounts for 80pc of coal-mine deaths
SCMP, February 16, 2005
State Administration of Work Safety figures show China accounts for some 80 per cent of the world’s coal mining deaths — despite producing just 35 per cent of the world's coal.

China Mine Blast Kills 209; Six Missing
AP via, February 16, 2005

Smouldering fire hinders investigation in Shaanxi
SCMP, February 16, 2005

Law – legal profession
7 major imbalances of the lawyer industry
Legal Daily, February 16, 2005

Law – legal reform
A key issue of legal reform 2005: jurors and judges – balance of power in court
陪审员与法官同权 中国司法改革2005年亮点频现, February 16, 2005

Media - regulations
China announces new regulations on press cards
Xinhua News Agency, 16 February 2005
by Quan Xiaoshu BEIJING, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) -- China's new media regulations, concerning the press cards, will go into effect on March 1, the General Administration of Press and Publication, the country's press watchdog, said here Wednesday. ...

Police – administrative detention (Alex Ho 何偉途)
Case against Alex Ho 'clear enough'
SCMP, February 16, 2005

Politics – NPC
NPC meetings not more than 10 days despite many controversial issues to discuss
WenWeiPo, February 16, 2005

Public health – HIV aids
Shanxi Aids patients form self-help community
山西建艾滋病人生产自救区, February 16, 2005

China releases infectious disease data
Big News Network, 16th February, 2005 (UPI)
China's Ministry of Health said Wednesday that 382 people had died nationwide of infectious diseases during January 2005.
Rural issues - poverty
China Daily, 16 February 2005
Tax dodgers beware the government could be on to you soon. Chinese researchers are urging officials to crack down on those who collect the spoils of the economic boom but give nothing back to society in return.

The controversy over China’s increasing investment in Tibet (part I)
Voice of America, February 15, 2005

Hong Kong – election
Referendum in HK feasible but should proceed with caution, says Hong Kong scholar
香港学者:举行全民投票可行但宜小心运作, February 16, 2005