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Monday, August 22, 2011

Bilateral Ties

U.S. Biden Prods China on Rights, Controls Keep Dissent at Bay
Reuters, August 21, 2011


Closures Penalise Children of Migrant Parents
South China Morning Post, August 21, 2011

中国需要一场教育平权运动 (China Needs a Campaign for Education Equality)
International Herald Leader, August 22, 2011

Food Security

警方:掺防冻液食醋或是中毒原因 (Hotan, XUAR: 11 Dead, 120 Poisoned by Antifreeze-tainted Vinegar)
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 22, 2011

Hong Kong

香港警方粗暴制伏抗议学生引批评 (HK Police Come Under Criticism over Rough Handling of Students Protesting VP Li Keqiang Visit)
Radio Free Asia, August 19, 2011


《工资条例》酝酿三年仍“难产” (Wage Regulations Still Slow to Come Despite Three Years of Preparations)
Jinan Daily, August 22, 2011

刑诉法二次修改:禁止强迫嫌犯自证其罪 (Second Revision of Criminal Procedure Law: Coerced Confessions Constrained)
The Beijing Times, August 22, 2011


China Previews Rising Leadership
The Wall Street Journal, August 22, 2011


我国城市贫困人口达5000万 未纳入扶贫救助范围 (50 mil Urban Poor Not Included in Poverty Relief)
Xinhua News Agency, August 22, 2011

Public Health

北京血液库存紧张致部分手术推迟 (Beijing: Surgeries Postponed Due to Decrease in Blood Donations)
Beijing Evening News, August 21, 2011

Social Security

身份证号或成社保卡号 (ID Card Number May Become Social Security Number)
Guangzhou Daily, August 22, 2011


Law Exposes Unease at State of Modern Marriage
South China Morning Post, August 21, 2011