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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Animal Welfare and Rights (动物福利和权利)

Trying to shield endangered animals from China’s appetites
The New York Times, April 28, 2014

Business and Economics (商业和经济)

AP Survey: China's lending bubble a global threat
Associated Press, April 28, 2014

Children (儿童)

贵州毕节一教师涉嫌强奸 受害女学生至少12人 (Guizhou teacher accused of sexually assaulting at least 12 girls)
Beijing News, April 29, 2014

Civil Society (民间社会)

Bill Gates urges China's wealthiest to give to charity
The Guardian, April 28, 2014

Death penalty (死刑)

Man gets death for blasts near China party office
The Washington Post, April 28, 2014

Environment (环境)

专家:中国仅50%水源合格 水质糟糕程度系国家机密 (Expert: only half of China's water sources meet standards, water quality still classified as state secret)
Radio Free Asia, April 28, 2014

Hong Kong (香港)

Chinese vice president warns Hong Kong over protests
The New York Times, April 28, 2014

Human Rights Defenders (人权卫士)

林昭忌日前 国保禁谒陵 (Police guard tomb of pro-democracy icon ahead of anniversary of her execution)
Voice of America, April 28, 2014

Fears after mainland journalist Gao Yu fails to show up at Tiananmen Square event
South China Morning Post, April 29, 2014

Information Control (信息控制)

Fans paint U.S. shows as friendly to the Party
The New York Times, April 29, 2014

China won’t tune out all U.S. TV shows, executive says
The Wall Street Journal, April 28, 2014

International Relations (Security, Trade and Investment) 国际关系(安全,贸易和投资)

Obama touts Philippine pact amid China concerns
Associated Press, April 28, 2014

June Fourth (六四)

“六四”纪念馆参观者一半大陆人 50团体下月底全球网络悼念 (Half of visitors to June Fourth Museum in HK are mainlanders, 50 groups to launch online commemoration in late May)
Radio Free Asia, April 28, 2014

Property owners seek injunction to block June 4 memorial museum
South China Morning Post, April 29, 2014

Students gather at Harvard to remember Tiananmen Square
Boston Globe, April 26, 2014

For more information on June Fourth, see:
June Fourth at 25: resisting enforced amnesia, building a just future
Human Rights in China, April 10, 2014

Labor (劳工)

Labour advocate helping Dongguan factory strike arrested over WeChat message
South China Morning Post, April 28, 2014>

深圳市春风劳动争议服务部关于职员林东被强迫失踪的声明 (Statement issued by the Shenzhen Chunfeng Labor Disputes Services Center concerning the enforced disappearance of its employee Lin Dong)
Zhang Zhiru's Blog, April 27, 2014

Population (人口)

Looking who is walking (away with U.S. passports)
Tea Leaf Nation, April 29, 2014

Protests and Petitions (抗议和请愿)

Why China’s government is scared of rumors in one video
The Wall Street Journal, April 28, 2014

Religion (宗教)

三江教堂被当局全部拆毁 (Zhejiang authorities demolish Christian church)
Voice of America, April 28, 2014

China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins
The Telegraph, April 28, 2014

XUAR (新疆维吾尔自治区)

China must release Ilham Tohti now
The Guardian, April 28, 2014

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