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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

February 4, 2009

Bilateral Ties

China Steps Up Overtures to Africa
Voice of America, February 03, 2009

Economic Development
China's Surge of College Graduates Finds White-collar Work Elusive
Christian Science Monitor, February 04, 2009

Human Rights Defender - Huang Qi (黄琦)
法院以涉及机密为由禁止律师复印黄琦卷宗 (Court Refuses to Allow Huang Qi's Lawyer View Files due to "Secret" Matter within)
Radio Free Asia, February 03, 2009

Internet Censorship
百科全书“维库”暂停服务 分析认为对零八宪章打压(图) (Chinese "WikiLib" Online Encyclopedia Temporarily Closed)
Radio Free Asia, February 03, 2009

中国网站牛博网再遭屏蔽 (Popular Chinese Blogging Portal Bullog again Blocked)
Radio France Internationale, February 02, 2009

June 4
Blogger Defies the Censors to Air Views on Tiananmen Crackdown
South China Morning Post, February 04, 2009

最高法院部署2009年的刑事审判工作 (Supreme Court Deploys 2009 Criminal Trial Work)
Xinhuanet, February 04, 2009

Chinese TV Airs Protester Throwing Shoe at Premier
Washington Post, February 04, 2009
Related information
一男子向讲台投掷鞋子 温家宝剑桥大学演讲遭干扰 (Man Throws Shoe at Wen Jiabao during Cambridge Lecture)
South Metropolis News, February 04, 2009
今起全国严打手机传淫秽视频 (Starting Today, Sending of "Salacious" Videos on Mobile Phones Banned across China)
Beijing Evening News (via Xinhuanet), February 04, 2009

"China's National Defense in 2008" Marks Maximum Transparency
Xinhuanet, February 03, 2009

联合国人权理会事即将例会审视中国人权状况 (UN Human Rights Council Will soon Look into Status of Human Rights in PRC)
Radio Free Asia, February 04, 2009

中央综治委发布09年全国社会治安综合治理工作要点 (Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Public Security issues 2009 Essentials in the Comprehensive Management of Social Order across China)
Xinhuanet, February 04, 2009

Protests and Petitions

Shanghainese Petitioners Beaten by Police in Station before Chinese New Years
Radio Free Asia, February 03, 2009

Public Health
China Has Bird Flu Outbreak, Hong Kong Adviser Says
Bloomberg, February 03, 2009

雲南通海縣20人確診患霍亂 (20 Diagnosed with Cholera in Yunnan Outbreak)
Singtao Daily, February 03, 2009

Falun Gong Spreading Message on Banknotes
South China Morning Post, February 04, 2009

Canada Close to Accepting Three Gitmo Detainees
The Globe and Mail, February 04, 2009