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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hong Kong

李旺阳之死改变香港政治生态 (Death of Activist Li Wangyang Changes Political Way of Life in HK)
Yazhou Zhoukan, June 18, 2012中国/20120618-李旺阳之死改变香港政治生态


北京律师被法警带离庭审现场殴打 (Beijing Lawyer Removed from Courtroom, Beaten by Bailiffs)
Radio Free Asia, June 17, 2012


China Acknowledges Scandal's Damage to Party Image
Reuters, June 18, 2012

张德江在重庆市第四次党代会上的讲话 (Zhang Dejiang's Full Speech before the Chongqing Party Meeting)
June 18, 2012

‘In the Current System, I’d Be Corrupt Too’: An Interview with Bao Tong
NYR Blog, June 14, 2012


One-child Rule Could Be Eased as Population Ages
South China Morning Post, June 16, 2012

Protests and Petitions

上千安徽民众围堵余姚高速公路 抗议交警处理酒驾车祸不公 (Anhui: 1K+ Block Road to Protest Police Handling of Traffic Accident)
Radio Free Asia, June 16, 2012


青海藏人武警军营前自焚身亡 (Tibetan Self-immolates in Qinghai Province outside Armed Police Barracks)
Deutsche Welle, June 15, 2012,,16029734,00.html