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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

November 9, 2005

Top News of the Day


Pastor Imprisoned for Printing Bibles
SCMP, 09/11/2005
Cai Zhuohua (蔡卓華), an underground house church minister, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment by the Beijing Intermediate People's Court for printing and distributing Christian publications in exchange for money. Cai's wife and brother, who are facing the same charges, were given sentences of two years and 18 months, respectively. The lawyer representing Cai vowed to appeal within 10 days and said that the charges amounted to religious oppression and lacked concrete support.


Bilateral Ties-EU/China

Rowdy Reception for Chinese President
The Guardian, November 08, 2005,7369,1636952,00.html

Detention- Ching Cheong (程翔)
Fourteen Journaalist Associations Write to President Hu Jintao to Raise Concerns Over Ching Cheong's Case
14记者组织向胡锦涛发联署信关注程翔事件, 09/11/2005

The Hong Kong Journalists Association Sends Letter to President Hu Jintao Requesting a Fair Trial for Ching Choeng
香港记协致函胡锦涛要求公平处理程翔案, 08/11/2005

Detention- Shi Tao (師濤)
Funds Urge Web Firms to Protect Freedom of Expression
SCMP, 09/11/2005

Education-Higher Education
China to Send Largest Group of State-Funded Students Abroad Next Year
People's Daily, November 08, 2005

Environmental Budget to Double Over Next 5 Years
SCMP, 09/11/2005

Gender/Law-Legal rights
Hotlines Help Women Safeguard Legal Rights, 09/11/2005

Deputy of Hubei Local People's Congress Travels to Villages to Promote Village Elections and Ends Up With Beatings
Voice of America, 08/11/2005

Human Rights-Human rights defenders
Human Rights Lawyer Says He Will Fight Suspension
SCMP, 09/11/2005

Labor-Industrial Accidents
China Gypsum Mine Toll Rises to 31; New Mine Blast Kills 14
Bangkok Post, November 08, 2005

Three China Mine Disasters Kill at Least 57
Reuters Alert Net, November 08, 2005

Law-Legal Reform
Suggestions Made for Amendments on Administrative Procedural Law
Legal Daily, 09/11/2005

Law-wrongful convictions
Court Sued Over Wrongful Imprisonment
China Daily, 09/11/2005

China Cracks Down on Sex and Violence on Websites
AFP via, November 08, 2005

Media-Press freedom/censorship

Disgraced Leader's Ex-Aide Says Hong Kong Reporters Dragged Away

Radio Free Asia

Four in Five Reporters Want to Change Jobs
China Daily, 08/11/2005

Journalist Day: Journalists Face Two Kinds of Pressure
Voice of America, 08/11/2005

Media-Censorships / Press Freedom
US Company Hopes to Block Skype in China
Macworld, November 08, 2005

Journalists Urged to Promote National Progress, 08/11/2005

Press Watchdog Blacklists 53 Illegal Websites, 08/11/2005

Walking the Web Tightrope
The Standard, 08/11/2005


Protests and Petitions-Resettlement
Land Seizures Raise Ire in China
Los Angeles Times, November 06, 2005,1,3882954.story

Public Health
Shuts Bird Markets to Combat Flu
The Age (Australia)
, November 09,2005

All Eyes on China
SCMP, 09/11/2005

China's Labs Not Ready for H5N1 - They're Still Getting Over Sars
SCMP, 09/11/2005

Failure of Health Care Reform: The Worsening Picture of "Sick People Being Refused
中国医改失败:老百姓有病不医现象严重, 08/11/2005

Public Health-HIV AIDS /STDs
HIV Carriers Try Hard to Reintegrate into Society
中国艾滋病患者努力回归正常生活, 08/11/2005

China Imposing 'Very Repressive' Policies in Tibet: Dalai Lama
AFP via, 09/11/2005