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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

广东近5年渎职犯罪造成经济损失55亿 (Guangdong: Dereliction of Duty Causes Economic Loss of 5.5 bil over Past 5 Years)
Southern Daily, August 31, 2010

Hong Kong
Minimum Wage Body 'Calls for Floor of HK$28'
South China Morning Post, August 31, 2010

Human Rights Defenders
Father Seeks China AIDS Activist's Release
Associated Press, August 30, 2010

胡佳和刘正有狱中健康恶化 (Hu Jia’s and Liu Zhengyou’s Health Deteriorate in Prison)
Radio Free Asia, August 30, 2010

China to Promote Collective Negotiation on Wages
Xinhua News Agency, August 30, 2010

安徽法院受理艾滋“就业歧视”案 (Anhui Court Accepts HIV/AIDS Employment Discrimination Suit)
Southern Metropolis Daily, August 31, 2010

Cellphone Registrations to Require Real Names
China Daily, August 31, 2010
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手机实名制明日开始实施 (Mobile Phone Real-Name Registration Begins Tomorrow)
The Beijing News, August 31, 2010
批评报道涉及企业 山东莱阳警察进京调查作者 (Shandong: Journalist Invested by Police after Exposure Report)
China Youth Daily, August 30, 2010

Protests and Petitions
超霸镉超标下岗工人要求赔偿遭围殴 (Laid-Off Workers, Ill from Cadmium Poisoning, Beaten for Petitioning)
Radio Free Asia, August 26, 2010

武汉数百拆迁户堵路请愿 青岛二百黑社会人员凌晨强拆 (Wuhan: Hundreds of Evictees Block Traffic in Protest)
Radio Free Asia, August 31, 2010

广州将动员80万群众参与亚运治安防控 (Guangzhou to Mobilize 800K Participate in Asiad Security)
Southern Metropolis Daily, August 31, 2010

各界告别谢韬 官方不准挽联 (Official Prohibit People from Leaving Elegiac Scrolls at Noted Academic Xie Tao's Funeral)
Radio Free Asia, August 30, 2010
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痛悼谢韬先生 (Lament for Mr Xie Tao)
Ding Zilin and Jiang Peikun, August 29, 2010
Chinese Police Shoot Tibetan Dead during Protest
Reuters, August 30, 2010
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17 Police Injured, One Tibetan Dead in Dispute
Xinhua News Agency, August 30, 2010