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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Xinjiang (新疆 )

China steps up its defense of mass incarceration of Uyghurs: New report claims detention program focuses on education and training
Financial Times, March 18, 2019

中国发布《新疆人权保障白皮书》被指颠倒黑白 (In response to China’s white paper on Xinjiang, civil society groups say it confuses right and wrong)
Radio Free Asia, March 18, 2019

White Paper: The Fight Against Terrorism and Extremism and Human Rights Protection in Xinjiang
Xinhua, March 18, 2019

#FreeSerikjan and the long shadow of Xinjiang’s camps in neighbouring Kazakhstan
Global Voices, March 18, 2019

“Practicing Islam is practically forbidden”: How Sweden granted refugee status to all Uyghurs from Xinjiang, China
Hong Kong Free Press, March 19, 2019

Sweden now grants refugee status to all Uyghurs from Xinjiang
InBeijing, March 17, 2019

Access to Justice (司法公正)

保障刑事案件受援人获得高质量的法律援助服务,司法部有关负责人就《全国刑事法律援助服务规范》答记者问 (Ministry of Justice issues Standards for National Legal Aid Services in Criminal Cases, to ensure rights of defendants)
Ministry of Justice, March 18, 2019

Taiwanese activist at risk in Chinese prison: Two years in detention, Lee Ming-che faces ill-treatment, declining health
Human Rights Watch, March 18, 2019

Access to Information (信息公开)

Xi Jinping tells Chinese teachers to help “nurture support” for Communist Party rule
South China Morning Post, March 19, 2019

習:培養擁護中共人才 從娃娃抓起 (Nurturing talent that upholds CPC must start with toddlers, says Xi on teaching political thought in schools)
Ming Pao, March 19, 2019

习近平主持召开学校思想政治理论课教师座谈会 (Xi Jinping urges teachers of ideological and political theories at primary to university levels to “use Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to engineer souls and educate people”)
Central People’s Government, March 18, 2019

Stop harassing Swedish media, Reporters Without Borders tells China
Hong Kong Free Press, March 19, 2019

加快推动媒体融合发展 构建全媒体传播格局 (Xi Jinping: Accelerate the development of media convergence to “intensify the united struggle of the CPC and the people to achieve a common thought foundation”)
Quishi, March 15, 2019

Xi’s article on accelerating integrated media development to be published
Xinhua, March 15, 2019

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Next Dalai Lama could come from India, exiled spiritual leader says as he warns that successor chosen by China won’t be trusted
Reuters, March 19, 2019

Chinese goths post selfies in protest after subway incident
BBC, March 19, 2019

Understanding and resolving the fundamental problems in China’s construction industry
China Labour Bulletin, March 18, 2019

Chinese President Xi Jinping unlikely to observe leaders’ custom and meet Pope during visit to Italy
South China Morning Post, March 18, 2019

迫害严重 梵蒂冈称中国“不应害怕宗教” (Vatican: China should not be afraid of the Catholic church)
Radio Free Asia, March 18, 2019

Chinese entrepreneurs speak out during Two Sessions
SupChina, March 18, 2019

在韓國尋求政治庇護的這一群中國人 (The Chinese citizens seeking asylum in South Korea)
The Initium, March 17, 2019

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Shutting the gates of academia: American universities cut ties to Huawei and Confucius Institute
South China Morning Post, March 19, 2019

两岸关系紧绷台湾驻港代表驻澳组长都被「卡」无法赴任 (As tensions rise, Taiwan’s incoming top representatives to Macau, Hong Kong unable to obtain visas, take up postings)
Radio France Internationale, March 18, 2019

China-El Salvador relationship wobbles: El Salvador President-elect Nayib Bukele criticized China publicly amid his U.S. visit
The Diplomat, March 18, 2019

China-based diplomats warn case of detained Canadians Kovrig and Spavor is “Sword of Damocles” hanging over their heads
South China Morning Post, March 18, 2019

本周登記黨內初選爭連任 蔡英文:只要我當總統一天 一國兩制不會發生 (Tsai Ing-wen registers to run for re-election in 2020, says Taiwan will not accept One Country, Two Systems “as long as I am president”)
The Stand News, March 18, 2019

CCP “exterminating Buddha” by destroying large statues
Bitter Winter, March 17, 2019

CPC Central Committee issues regulation on selection of officials
Xinhua, March 17, 2019

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

China’s 2019 “Two Sessions” and the statement of artificial intelligence ambitions
The Diplomat, March 18, 2019

Google names Scott Beaumont to top Asia-Pacific job: Former head of China for U.S. tech group fills key post vacant since December
Financial Times, March 18, 2019

Google denies working with the Chinese military after Trump criticism
NBC News, March 17, 2019

Hong Kong (香港)

U.S. lawmakers concerned about Hong Kong’s proposed China extradition law, say democrats
Hong Kong Free Press, March 19, 2019

Police to investigate clashes in Hong Kong’s legislature after lawmaker and two security guards hurt during meetings of national anthem bill committee
South China Morning Post, March 18, 2019

Hong Kong human rights report shows “amber” warning light
Radio Free Asia, March 18, 2019

【香港生活艱難】2019年全球生活費最貴排行榜 香港首度排榜首 與巴黎新加坡並列 (Think tank ranks Hong Kong most expensive city to live in, along with Paris and Singapore)
Apple Daily, March 19, 2019

Commentary (评论)

中國共產黨不僅是「無神」,更將自己視為神 (CPC is not atheist; it sees itself as God)
The News Lens, March 19, 2019

【太陽花五週年】議場糾察組長黃燕茹:我的「運動傷害」來自社運參與者互相攻擊 (5 years after Sunflower Movement, an interview with prefect Huang Yanru: My “movement trauma” came from attacks from other participants)
The News Lens, March 18, 2019

“The 1992 Consensus”: One formula, too many interpretations
Jerome A. Cohen, March 18, 2019