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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010

Pollution Makes Quarter of China Water Unusable-Ministry
Reuters, July 26, 2010
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环境保护部发布2010年上半年全国环境质量状况 (State of Environment for First Half of 2010)
Ministry of Environmental Protection, July 26, 2010
Sludge, Sludge, Wink, Wink: How Collusion Abets Pollution
South China Morning Post, July 27, 2010
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Zijin Group 'Attempts to Buy Silence'
China Daily, July 27, 2010
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Plans Rally to Save Cantonese Language
Agence France-Presse, July 27, 2010
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Move to Limit Cantonese on Chinese TV Is Assailed
New York Times, July 26, 2010
Human Rights Defenders
北京律师支持刘沙沙再聚会 网民与国保警察周旋 (Beijing Lawyers Gather to Support Henan Democracy Activist Liu Shasha (Liu Linna))
Radio Free Asia, July 26, 2010

艺术家吴玉仁因拆迁纠纷被当局拘控 (Artist Wu Yuren Formally Arrested for Eviction Dispute)
Radio Free Asia, July 26, 2010

调查显示近六成大学生应聘遭就业歧视 (Survey: ~60% Recent Grads Discriminated against for Residence Status in Job Search)
Legal Evening News, July 27, 2010

Land Policy
征地补偿标准将提高20%至30% (Ministry of Land and Resources: Land Requisition Compensation to Increase 20-30%)
The Beijing News, July 24, 2010
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关于进一步做好征地管理工作的通知 (Notice on Improving the Administration of Land Requisition Work)
Ministry of Land and Resources, June 26, 2010
要命的拆迁 (Fatal Eviction)
Oriental Outlook, July 27, 2010

Beijing's New Global Broadcasts May Have Greatest Impact inside China
Voice of America, July 26, 2010

Google Cuts Ties with 2 Chinese Advertisers
China Daily, July 27, 2010

Protests and Petitions
Several Villagers Arrested after Landfill Protests
Global Times, July 27, 2010

河北省规定每天须有主管领导接待上访 (Hebei Party Secretary: Competent Leadership Must Accept Petitions Every Day)
Hebei Daily, July 27, 2010

Public Health
AIDS Study Urges Women Be Empowered to Reduce Vulnerability
Xinhua News Agency, July 27, 2010

State Security
Surveillance Stepped Up Ahead of Asian Games
China Daily, July 27, 2010