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Friday, October 21, 2022

China's Reach & Internal Control (中国:内控与外扩)

China’s assertive foreign policy set to continue, despite imminent change to diplomatic corps leadership
Channel News Asia, October 21, 2022

The origins of China’s overreach
The China Project, October 20, 2022

China using influencers to whitewash human rights abuses, report finds
The Guardian, October 20, 2022

Frontier influencers: The new face of China’s propaganda
Australian Strategic Policy Institute, October 19, 2022

报告:北京欲藉“边疆网红”影片洗刷人权劣迹(ASPI report: China is using "frontier influencer" videos to scrub human rights abuses)
Deutsche Welle, October 21, 2022

Hong Kong Cancels Screening of Batman Film, Citing Violence
Bloomberg, October 21, 2022

International Responses (国际反应)

US charges seven over alleged Beijing plot to forcibly repatriate ‘elite’ Chinese
The Guardian and Reuters, October 21, 2022

又有7人因"猎狐行动"在美国被起诉(U.S. indicts 7 more Chinese citizens for involvement in “Operation Fox Hunt”)
Deutsche Welle, October 21, 2022

Human Rights Defenders & Civil Society (人权捍卫者与公民社会)

不再政治冷漠:全球上百所高校留学生张贴海报反对习近平连任(No more political indifference: Chinese students at hundreds of colleges around the world put up posters against Xi Jinping’s getting a third term)
Voice of America, October 21, 2022

西藏色达县与炉霍县6名藏人被控“分裂国家”而遭判4至14年徒刑(6 Tibetans in Seda and Luhuo counties in Tibet are sentenced to 4 to 14 years in prison for "separatism")
Voice of Tibet, October 19, 2022

林明洁在服刑期间屡遭酷刑,盼见律师 望关注!(Rights activist Lin Mingjie is repeatedly tortured in prison, asks to see a lawyer)
Weiquanwang, October 21, 2022

在美留学生露脸声援"四通桥勇士" 中国警察找上家人(Chinese student in U.S. supports "Sitong Bridge Warrior”; his parents in Beijing are questioned by police)
Radio Free Asia, October 20, 2022

Law & Policy (法律与政策)

中国极端防疫“十大”违法违规措施(China's extreme epidemic prevention: "Top Ten" illegal measures)
Radio Free Asia, October 21, 2022

How revised Chinese law makes Shanghai party chief a hot candidate for role of premier
South China Morning Post, October 20, 2022

陳國基稱紀律部隊採用中式步操 體現對國家忠誠和認同(HK Chief Secretary Eric Chan says Disciplined Services adopt Chinese-style marching step to reflect loyalty to and identification with country)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 21, 2022

官校率先推聯校國教 辦中式步操訓練比賽、參觀愛國教育支援中心(Public schools take lead in promoting joint national education by holding Chinese-style marching step training competition and visits to patriotic education support center)
Inmediahk, October 21, 2022

全港中小學已設國安教育小組 教育局訪千六間學校瞭解進度(All primary and secondary schools in HK have set up national security education working groups; Education Bureau visits 1,600 schools to gauge progress)
Inmediahk, October 21, 2022

Current Topics (热门话题)

China doubles down on national security in face of new challenges
Channel News Asia, October 20, 2022

No Party in Urumqi: Ongoing Covid Outbreak Causes Concern Among Residents
What's on Weibo, October 20, 2022

Commentary & Analysis (评论与分析)

Under Xi, China wants absolute security. It’s making the world nervous.
The Washington Post, October 21, 2022

每周时事分析:“二十大”后,中国将如何与世界互动?(How will China interact with the world after 20th CPC National Congress?)
Financial Times, October 21, 2022

No, Capitalism and the Internet Will Not Free China’s People

The New York Times, October 21, 2022

Xi Jinping has no interest in succession planning
The Economist, October 20, 2022

How Long Can Beijing Avoid Accountability for Its Abuses in Xinjiang?
The Diplomat, October 20, 2022

‘Bridge Man’ Peng Zaizhou’s Mission Impossible and His ‘Toolkit for the Removal of Xi Jinping’
China Change, October 19, 2022