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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

August 17, 2005


Children / Society
Children are available for rental when begging becomes a profession
当乞讨成为一种职业 儿童就可以出租,17/08/2005

Environment - Water
Fuzhou farmers irrigate vegetable fields with sewage water of nearby factories
福 州 工 廠 廢 水 種 菜
Apple Daily, 17/08/2005

Environment - Pollution
American e-waste finds its way to India, China: Study
AP via Press Trust of India, 17/08/ 2005

Food Security / Disasters
One quarter of China's farmland hit by pests
AFP via, 17/08/2005

Environment - Natural Resources
Super large gas reserve discovered in China's Sichuan Province
People’s Daily Online, August 17, 2005

Gender - Marriage
Chinese women over 30 in hard hunt for Mr Right
China Daily, 17/08/2005

Gender - Sexuality
Gay college course start of nation's lesson
China Daily, 17/08/2005

Gender - Women trafficking / Children - Children trafficking
Over 50,000 women and children saved from trafficking gangs in the past 4 years
People's Daily, 17/08/2005

China studying Western groups promoting democracy
Knight Ridder via, 17/08/2005

Expert: Citizens' expanded role vital
China Daily, 17/08/2005

China commentary on Hu sparks 'personality cult' row
By Benjamin Kang Lim, Reuters, 17/08/ 2005

Human Rights
Hit squad 'sent to kill China defector'
The Australian, 17/08/2005,5744,16290274%255E1702,00.html

Labor - Industrial accidents
Cost of China's Coal: Miners' Lives
LA Times, 17/08/2005

Labor - Employment market and income
Unpaid wages still haunt migrant workers, 17/08/2005

Law - Legal profession
Government attempts to draft regulations to protect the rights of judges
Legal Daily, 17/08/2005

Law - Legal reform
People's Juror system help addressing the issue of judicial justice, useful or not?
Legal Daily, 17/08/2005

Shanghai courts give legal aid to poor
Xinhua, 17/08/2005

New rules of China Youth Daily: bonus points given for praising the leaders
Voice of America, 16/08/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship
China Youth Daily chief editor responds to Li Datong's open letter while CCP blocks web posting
李大同公开信 中宣部封杀 总编回复, 17/08/2005

Population - Aging population / Social Security
Aging problem accelerates in Guangdong as the over 60 age group reaches 8.8 million, survey reports
广东人口老龄化加快 60岁以上人口已达880多万, 17/08/2005

Protests and Petitions
People have the rights to make petitions, but endless petitioning would hold up massive government resources at the expense of public interest, says official
上访不能损害他人利益 终结无序信访的政治背景
People's Daily, 17/08/2005

Protests and Petitions / Politics
Circular bans soldiers from joining protests
SCMP, 17/08/2005

Protests and Petitions / Labor - Industrial accidents
Mine boss held for attack on villagers
SCMP, 17/08/2005

Protests and Petitions / UN
Public urged to sign their petitions to senior UN Human Rights Commissioner for the release of political dissidents
联合国人权专员访华 民间征签递公开信
Radio Free Asia, 17/08/2005

Public Health / Children
Half of rural children died of illness never get proper medical treatment
People's Daily, 17/08/2005

Faith flourishes in an arid wasteland
SCMP, 17/08/2005

Religion - Christianity
Hong Kong religion groups raise public concerns about the conditions of underground church member who has fleet to Thailand
港宗教团体吁 关注中国逃泰基督徒
Voice of America via, 17/08/2005

Religion / Human Rights - Bilateral ties
Delegation of United States Commission on International Religious Freedom visits China for the first time
Voice of America, 17/08/2005

Tibet / Gender - Sex workers
FEATURE - Nun or prostitute? Tibet's women face few choices
Reuters via, 17/08/2005

Public Health
China denies nationwide outbreak of anthrax
Xinhua, 17/08/2005

Women - Women's Rights
Four women who shape Beijing: As capitalism booms in China, women now make up almost 20 percent of the new entrepreneurs.
By Amelia Newcomb,, 16/08/2005

Chinese Woman Seeks Damages After Roughed Up by Homeland Security
By Eugenia Chien, Sing Tao Daily, 11/08/2005

Premier stresses protecting rights of women, children
Xinhua, 17/08/2005