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Friday, June 30, 2006

30 June 2006

Top News
Human Rights Defender – Journalist - Zheng Enchong (郑恩宠)
维权律师郑恩宠抗议警方骚扰 (Human Rights Lawyer Zheng Enchong Protests Police Harassment)
Radio Free Asia, June 29, 2006
Lawyer Zheng Enchong, released earlier this month after serving a three-year prison term for “revealing state secrets,” has been put under de facto house arrest and subjected to other restrictions on his personal freedom.

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HRIC Press Release: Shanghai Lawyer Zheng Enchong Under De Facto House Arrest
Human Rights in China, June 28, 2006

Bilateral Ties
Delegation of 2 Is Vatican's First to China in Years
New York Times, June 29, 2006

最高检察院:三年中县处级以上官员9633"落马" (Supreme People's Procuratorate: 9,633 Senior Officials Removed for Corruption in Last 3 Years)
People's Daily, June 30, 2006

Death Penalty
71日起所有死刑二审案件都将开庭审理 (All Appeal Trials of Death Penalty Cases to Be Open to Public Starting July 1)
People's Daily, June 30, 2006

教育部副部长:国务院违反义务教育法也要被问责 (Education Department Official: Even State Council Will Be Held Accountable if it Violates Compulsory Education Law)
People's Daily, June 30, 2006

新义务教育法有七大亮点 (New Compulsory Education Law Has 7 Advantages)
China Youth Daily, June 30, 2006

我国首部循环经济地方立法71日起在深圳实施 (First Local "Recycling Economy Law" in China to Be Implemented in Shenzhen on July 1)
People's Daily, June 30, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Lawyer - Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚)
陈光诚案研讨会被迫取消 (Conference on Chen Guangcheng Case Forced to Close)
Radio Free Asia, June 29, 2006

第三次就业高峰,中国能安然度过吗?(Can China Handle its Manpower Surplus?)
Radio Free Asia, June 29, 2006

Land Policy
评论北京考虑收回地方政府征地权 (Discussion on Proposal to Return Authority to Acquisition Land to Local Governments)
Voice of America, June 29, 2006

中国批准中国和西班牙关于移管被判刑人条约 (China Approves Limited Bilateral Repatriation Treaty with Spain)
People's Daily, June 30, 2006

China Sets Stiffer Penalties for Graft, Accidents
Reuters, June 30, 2006

解读刑法修正案:隐瞒贪污贿赂所得定为洗钱罪 (Concealing Corruption to Come Under Money Laundering Crime Under Amended Criminal Law)
People's Daily, June 30, 2006

一批法律法规6月通过 (Several New Laws and Regulations Passed in June)
Legal Daily, June 30, 2006

China to Tighten Supervision over Blogs and Online Search Engines
People's Daily, June 29, 2006

中国国情咨询网被频繁关闭 前景堪忧 (China's Democracy Web Frequently Blocked)
Radio Free Asia, June 29, 2006

Ex-naval Chief Expelled by NPC
SCMP, June 30, 2006

Protests and Petitions
抗议成本增 京的士七一拟罢驶 (Beijing Taxi Drivers Plan Strike on July 1 to Protest Increased Gas and Other Costs)
Ming Pao, June 30, 2006

西安40名社会人员在施工纠纷中打死工商干部 (Official Beaten to Death by 40 People in Labor Dispute in Xi’an)
People's Daily, June 30, 2006

Public Health
粤港澳昨签协议合作应对突发卫生事件 (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Sign Agreement to Cooperate on Handling Public Health Crises)
Nanfang City News, June 30, 2006

广州两医院售假药遭央视曝光后被查处 (Two Guangzhou Hospitals Investigated After China’s Central Television Exposes Use of Fake Drugs)
People's Daily, June 30, 2006

Tibet Rail Link 'a Dream Come True'
SCMP, June 30, 2006