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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


葛兰素史克仅是冰山一角 (GSK scandal only tip of the iceberg in corrupted healthcare system)
Financial Times, July 23, 2013

Consumer Safety

河南新乡在建“共产主义大桥”坍塌引关注(Collapse of "Communism Bridge" in Henan triggers concern)
China News Net, July 23, 2013


环保法修正案草案二次征民意 (Second public comment period opens for draft amendments to Environmental Protection Law, right to file public interest lawsuits under scrutiny)
Jinghua Post, July 23, 2013

See the draft amendments to the Environmental Protection Law after the second reading by the National People's Congress Standing Committee, published on July 17, 2013


大病保险将于两年后覆盖全民 (People’s Daily: medical insurance for serious illness will cover everyone in two years)
The People’s Daily, July 22, 2013


居住证管理办法有望年内推出 或设国家城市权益双标准 (Draft residential permit regulations may expand coverage of migrant population)
Diyi Caijing Daily, July 23, 2013

Land, Housing, Property

保定一市民告市政府 立案十年未开庭 (Forced eviction lawsuit filed against Baoding govt still waiting for trial ten years later)
China Youth Daily, July 23, 2013

Xi hints at just minor reform down on the farm
South China Morning Post, July 23, 2013

Open Government Information

中国市级财政透明度报告公布:三市透明度为零 (Tsinghua University study ranks financial transparency of 289 Chinese cities)
China Economic Weekly, July 23, 2013

Protests and Petitions

中国数百公知联署抗议许志永被刑拘 (Hundreds of Chinese intellectuals jointly protest criminally detained Xu Zhiyong)
British Broadcasting Corporation, July 23, 2013

冀中星父亲披露儿子被打残细节 (Beijing bomb protester's father recounts police brutality against his son)
Da Zhong Wang, July 23, 2013

Airport blast leads China to reflect on injustice
Associated Press, July 23, 2013


张春贤与50名重点乡镇反恐维稳正厅级干部座谈 (Xinjiang Party Head: containing religious extremism is our foremost task)
The People’s Daily, July 20, 2013


Chinese corruption: the ultimate protests
The Guardian, July 22, 2013
British Broadcasting Corporation, July 23, 2013


预防冤假错案比纠正更重要 (Preventing miscarriages of justice is more important than rectifying it)
Nanfang Daily, July 23, 2013

China’s wrong turn
Washington Post, July 23, 2013