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Monday, February 25, 2013


投资35万元仅使用了一年半——贵州凯里希望小学变垃圾站调查 (Guizhou Hope Project School Becomes Garbage Dump after 1.5 Years and RMB 35 million Investment)
Xinhua News Agency, February 23, 2013
Charitable School to Make Way For Highway
China Daily, February 25, 2013


中国有毒化学物肆虐 全国产生247个癌症村 (NGO: Toxic Chemicals Created 247 Cancer Villages in China)
Voice of America, February 25, 2013
China's Mainland Home to 247 'Cancer Villages'
Shanghai Daily, February 25, 2013

Freedom of Movement

护照成为中国限制异见人士工具 (No Exit: China Uses Passports as Political Cudgel)
The New York Times, February 25, 2013



A New Cold War, in Cyberspace, Tests U.S. Ties to China (中美面临网络冷战)
The New York Times, February 24, 2013


中国鹰派将校和知识分子的网上论战 (PLA General Stirs Controversy with Weibo Post Calling Chinese Liberal Intellectuals “Traitors”)
Voice of America, February 26, 2013

Chinese General Derided on Web After Taking Up Weibo
The Telegraph, February 25, 2013


习近平在中共中央政治局第四次集体学习时强调 依法治国依法执政依法行政共同推进 法治国家法治政府法治社会一体建设 (Xi Jinping Stresses Rule of Law in Politburo Study Session )
People's Daily, February 25, 2013


BBC World Service Shortwave Radio Blocked in China
British Broadcasting Corporation, February 25, 2013

Public Health

Wuhan Doctors on Strike Over X-ray Radiation
Shanghai Daily, February 22, 2013

Social Security

社科院:我国养老金待遇最高相差50倍 (CASS Survey Shows 50:1 Disparity between Highest and Lowest Pensions in China)
Beijing Morning Post, February 23, 2013


全球自由度评级 中国仍列末端 (China Ranks Near Bottom in “Freedom in the World 2013” Report by Freedom House)
Radio Free Asia, February 22, 2013


一藏人自焚以抗议中国当局 (20-Year-Old Tibetan in Qinghai Commits Self-Immolation)
Voice of America, February 25, 2013
Tibetan Emulates Cousin in Fatal Burning Protest
Radio Free Asia, February 25, 2013