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Monday, June 20, 2005

June 18-20, 2005

Top news of the day

Media - Internet
MII Plans To Block Websites And Server IP Addresses
China Tech News via China Digital News, June 17, 2005
According to the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), 30% of websites in China who had yet to registered for an Internet Content Provider identification number would face closure as the deadline for registration due. Websites share the same IP address with the unregistered site would also be blocked.


Bilaterals - Other
Israel apologizes to U.S. over China arms sale
Reuters, June 19, 2005
Israel publicly apologized to the United States on Sunday over arms exports to China that have drawn criticism from Washington and strained U.S.-Israeli security ties.

Two Israelis Kidnapped in China
Epoch Times, Jun 19, 2005

Beijing Declaration of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
Xinhuanet, June 19, 2005

Corporate responsibility/Environment
State Environmental Protection Administration: enterprises also have social responsibilities in building a “green” society
China Youth Daily, June 20, 2005

‘Extravagant meal costing 7,000 yuan’ exposed corrupted financial black-holes in Henan Kaifeng township government
村干部一顿吃掉7000 村级财务黑洞有多深, June 20, 2005

Death penalty
Yanan Party Secretary sentenced to death for killing township governor
Legal Daily, June 20, 2005

Environment – Water
Yellow River water will be rationed
SCMP, June 18, 2005

Environment - Pollution
China faces looming environmental crisis
China Daily, June 20, 2005

Government – Governance and accountability
China’s New Frontiers: Tests of Democracy and Dissent
The New York Times, June 19, 2005

Development and Reform Committee rows to correct seven unreasonable administration fee structures in rural areas
发改委将大力治理乱收费 清理行政审批等7方面, June 20, 2005

Self-governance system in villages dooms to fail if no redress system for violation of self-governing power in place in law
Legal Daily, June 20, 2005

Human rights – Bilateral ties
No sell-out of rights for trade, says Canberra
SCMP, June 20, 2005

Labour – work safety and conditions
Shortage of safety expertise in mines 'hits crisis point'
SCMP, June 18, 2005

Why labour is vulnerable to abuses?
China Youth Daily, June 20, 2005

Four draft laws to be examined, June 17, 2005

Media-Press freedom
Pressure on the Press
The Newsweek via China Digital News, June 19, 2005

As China Censors the Internet, Money Talks
Los Angeles Times, June 17, 2005

Why media remain silence about the disastrous Xueshenghui flood?
中国媒体为何对黑龙江洪灾集体失语? , June 19, 2005

Olympics / Environment
Leaders could make first move to help city clean up its act
SCMP, June 20, 2005

Political Dissidents/Organizing - Petitions and Protests
Defector is a man on the run, Chinese say
Sydney Morning Herald, June 20, 2005

Public health – HIV Aids
China, WHO to provide AIDS intervention for homosexuals, June 20, 2005

Public health – mental health
National social relief scheme to extend to roving homeless people and those with mental disease, according to Ministry of Civil Affairs
民政部官员:流浪精神病患者有望纳入救助范围, June 18, 2005

Nine in 10 depression sufferers go untreated
China Daily, June 20, 2005

Public Health - Other
China ruins best chance of beating bird flu epidemic
Telegraph, June 19, 2005

Sino-European team finds anti-Sars drug
SCMP, June 20, 2005

FAO seeks clarification from China on use of human flu drug on birds
AFX News Limited, June 20, 2005

Reforms - Corruption
China's state-run media focus on police corruption: Two incidents suggest Beijing is trying to win over an angry public
Los Angeles Times, June 18, 2005

Reforms - Elections
China's New Frontiers: Tests of Democracy and Dissent
The New York Times, June 19, 2005

Reforms - Population Policy
China climbs world infertility ladder:
Pollution and abortion are blamed as one in eight couples are now unable to have a child in a country that not long ago had one of the best fertility rates in the world
South China Morning Post, June 19, 2005

22 arrested over mob attack
SCMP, June 19, 2005

Dead farmers' kin demand justice
SCMP, June 19, 2005

Resettlement-protests and petitions
Peasants fighting back in rural China
The Globe and the mail via China Digital News, June 18, 2005

Kin of dead China protesters vow to find killers
Reuters via, June 17, 2005

Religion – Christianity
Religious freedom the key, says Vatican as it seeks ties
SCMP, June 18, 2005

Rural Issues
Suspects responsible for villagers' death seized in Hebei
Xinhuanet, June 18, 2005

State security – terrorism
Uprisings to be ignored by regional grouping
SCMP, June 18, 2005