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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Economic Development, Land

陈锡文:中国人口城镇化明显滞后 (Senior Official: Urbanization—Key to Economic Growth—Lags Behind Expectation)
China News Service, March 07, 2013

China Faces Social, Financial Risks in Urbanization Push
Reuters, March 7, 2013


Girls Suffer from Rural Preference for Boys
Xinhua News Agency, March 07, 2013

Hong Kong

香港泛民忧虑俞正声对香港问题强硬表态 (Top PRC Official: Hong Kong Must Not Become Beachhead for Subversion of Mainland Socialist System )
Voice of America, March 07, 2013

Subversion Warning on 2017 CE Race
The Standard, March 07, 2013

港媒质疑俞正声“有港人搞颠覆”指责 (HK Media Question Beijing’s “Subversion” Accusation)
British Broadcasting Corporation, March 07, 2013


Computer Scientists Measure the Speed of Censorship On China’s Twitter
MIT Technology Review, March 06, 2013

报告揭秘新浪微博“删帖”内幕(US Research Shows 30% of Postings on Sina Weibo Removed Within 5-30 Minutes)
British Broadcasting Corporation, March 7, 2013

Land Policy

About 60,000 Could Lose Homes for Controversial China Dams
Reuters, March 07, 2013

Political and Economic Reform

Cult of Mao Should be Reassessed, says Grandson
The Daily Telegraph, March 07, 2013


司法部部长:劳教制度改革正在积极稳妥推进 (Judicial Minister Offers No Concrete Plan for RTL Reform)
Global Times, March 07, 2013


China Rebukes Monastery at Heart of Fiery Protests
Associated Press, March 07, 2013