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Friday, August 12, 2005

August 12, 2005

Top news of the day

Resettlement / Law
Courts pass buck on eviction cases
SCMP, 12/08/2005
The Supreme People's Court ordered courts at all level that, starting from August 11, they "must not deal with civil litigations over compensation and relocation disputes" as the cases should be handled by relevant government departments. Lawyers and academics said that the decision may jeopardize the vulnerable groups' means to seek justice from their disputes against corrupted property developers, who are usually backed by government departments.


Children / Law
Children prone to commit crimes during summer holiday
China Youth Daily, 12/08/2005

Youngsters involved in 70pc of robberies
SCMP, 12/08/2005

Children – Abuse / Law
Legal expert expresses concerns over legal vacuum in domestic violence legislation as parent-child relation often ignored by public
People's Daily, 12/08/2005

Children / Public Health - HIV AIDS /STDs
Survey on the well-being of AIDs orphans: poor and lacking help from the society
艾滋孤儿生存现状调查:贫穷缺少救助, 12/08/2005

Grass-roots corruption to be probed, 12/08/2005

Death Penalty / Law - Legal reform
Death penalty review returns to Supreme People's Court next year
Wen Wei Po, 12/08/2005

China Banker Gets Suspended Death Sentence
AP, August 12, 2005

Arsonist Executed for Taking Revenge on Policeman
Xinhua, August 12, 2005

Death Penalty / Children - Children trafficking
Trafficker sentenced to death for selling 38 children to Singapore
拐賣38兒童到星洲 泉州漢判死
Ming Pao, 12/08/2005

Detention - Ching Cheong (程翔)
'I am not Ching Cheong's mistress'
SCMP, 12/08/2005

Detention – Huang Jingao (黃金高) / Corruption
Public wants open trial of Huang Jingao's (黄金高) corruption case
China Youth Daily, 12/08/2005

Death toll from China floods rises to 910, another 218 missing: Red Cross
AFP via, 12/08/2005

Death toll from China floods rises to 910, another 218 missing
AFP, August 12, 2005

Environment-Natural Resources
Drought Affects 7.6 Mln People Across the Country
China Daily, August 12, 2005

Environment - Water
China's worsening water crisis
SCMP, 12/08/2005

Human Rights
Public opinions on China's human rights conditions
Voice of America, 11/08/2005

Local officials among managers of flooded Guangdong mine
SCMP, August 12, 2005

Long-standing harmony built on the commitment of equality and justice
Nanfang Weekend, 11/08/2005

To settle court cases in "speedy" way
Nanfang Weekend, 11/08/2005

Courts pass buck on eviction cases
SCMP, August 12, 2005

Law / Resettlement
What do public interests" and "reasonable compensation" mean in the Constitution?
Nanfang Weekend, 12/08/2005

Law – Judicial system
China's judicial system: leave judges alone to rule on their cases
Nanfang Weekend, 11/08/2005

Migrant Workers / Social Security
Migrant workers call for a more flexible social security system
China Youth Daily, 12/08/2005

UN official: China faces challenges on population development, 11/08/2005

Public Health / Rural poverty
Health care reform: half-hearted reform will not benefit poor peasants but cause more social
Voice of America, 11/08/2005

Resettlement / Law
China about to announce benchmark for resettlement compensations over land disputes to protect peasants interest
中国将出台新的征地补偿标准 保护农民切身利益
China News Agency, 11/08/2005

Rural Issues-Poverty
China spends billion yuan to promot rural lodging schools
Xinhua, August 12, 2005

Society - Drug
Network database on drug traffickers to be launched, 11/08/2005

State Security
CASS researchers asked to be careful of foreign manipulation against state security in the name of academic exchange and research collaboration
社 科 院 要 求 加 強 國 安 意 識, 12/08/2005

Women-Women’s Rights
Law to Catapult Women's Rights into New Century
China Daily, August 12, 2005

WTO / Society
China Exclusive: China issues regulations to protect cultural security
People's Daily, 12/08/2005