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Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010


Bilateral Ties
Clinton to Press China FM on Internet Issue
Reuters (via Yahoo! News), January 27, 2010

$34m of Quake Aid Misused, NAO Says
China Daily, January 28, 2010

Pollution Targets Will Be Met, Minister Says
South China Morning Post, January 28, 2010

Tax on Vehicle Emissions Mulled
South China Morning Post, January 28, 2010

Meeting to Focus on Enhancing Social Order
South China Morning Post, January 28, 2010

Hong Kong
As Hong Kong’s Political System Stalls, So Does Its Democracy Movement
New York Times, January 27, 2010

China Issues Rules to Clean up Courts After Conviction of Top Judge

Xinhua News Agency (via People's Daily), January 27, 2010

Related Information:

人民法院工作人员处分条例 (Regulation on Staff Penalty of People's Court)
People's Court Daily (via Xinhua News Agency), January 27, 2010

Google 'Sister' Launches in China
British Broadcasting Corporation, January 27, 2010

China Says Google's Phone Technology Will Not Be Restricted
Voice of America, January 27, 2010

China's Big Brother Is Watching Karaoke
ARTINFO (via Yahoo! News), January 28, 2010

女中学生摆摊挣学费遭城管殴打吓出精神病() (Street Vendor Girl Diagnosed As Mentally Ill After Beaten by Urban Management Officers)
Northeast Web, January 28, 2010

Draft Law to Jail Dog Eaters Whets Debate
Reuters (via Yahoo! News), January 27, 2010

China-Tibet Talks Resume amid Bitter Climate
Agence France-Presse (via Yahoo! News), January 27, 2010

More Detentions in Tibet
Radio Free Asia, January 27, 2010

Three Held for 'Harmful' SMS After Lifting of Ban
South China Morning Post, January 28, 2010