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Friday, October 08, 2004

DAILY NEWS BRIEF FOR October 8, 2004

Top news of the day

Labour – Law
High Court request public opinion on legal interpretation of labour dispute
LegalDaily, October 8, 2004

Land policy
Police open fire to suppress villager protests against land conscription
千 警 開 槍 鎮 壓 抗 徵 地 村 民
Apple Daily, October 8, 2004

Labour – Industrial accidents
3 died in Beijing Daianshan coal mine accidents
Xinhuanet, October 8, 2004


Detention – Huang Qi
RSF urges Chirac pressure Beijing to release Huang Qi
Daijiyuan, October 8, 2004

RSF urges the release of Huang Qi
Voice of America (China edition), October 8, 2004

Education – Higher Education
Guangdong poor university students granted $4 per day
Nangang Dushi Bao, October 8, 2004

Hukou reform, where to go?
户籍改革 路在何方?, October 8, 2004

Q&A on Shanghai Residential Identification system
Xinhuanet, October 8, 2004

Long-term Shanghai visitors granted rights equivalent to Shanghai citizens
Xinhuanet, October 8, 2004

State legal departments extend legal service for disadvantaged groups
“国家监诉人”为弱者打官司, October 8, 2004

Labour – Protest
Protesters win 170pc pay rise
SCMP, October 8, 2004

Follow up on Shenzhen labour protests: workers resume duty after pay rise agreement
“不满薪水低员工上街堵路”事件追踪:老板答应薪水上调 大部分工人复工
NanFang Daily, October 8, 2004

Labour – Work safety / conditions
16 year-old female worker died in quarters
16岁女工离奇倒闭宿舍 初疑为砖头拍死
YahooNews, October 8, 2004

EU urged to keep China arms ban
Financial Times, October 8, 2004

US Congress told to stop interfering
SCMP, October 8, 2004

Former Prisoners Describe Forced Labor in China's Coal Mines
Radio Free Asia, October 7, 2004

Recent reforms of Chinese prisons
WenWeiPo, October 8, 2004

Prisons to be moved close to cities
中國監獄逐步遷近城市, October 8, 2004

Public Health
Sub health problem poses threat to Chinese
ChinaDaily, October 7, 2004

Workers enjoy concessionary fee in visiting community clinics in Guangzhou
社区诊所看病 医保优惠更多
Nanfang Dushi Bao, October 8, 2004

Trafficking / Children
110 arrested for baby trafficking
ChinaDaily, October 8, 2004