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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29, 2006


民运人士从胡温体制看中国反腐败 (Activists Comment on China’s Anti-corruption Efforts)
Voice of America, November 27, 2006

藥監局前司長貪污囚15年 (Former Medical Official Sentenced to 15 Years Imprisonment for Graft)
Ming Pao, November 29, 2006

Tibet Axes Graduate Job Guarantee
People’s Daily, November 29, 2006

China's Education Watchdog Orders Financial Probe in Colleges After Scandal
People’s Daily, November 29, 2006

Human Rights Defenders
热线论坛:中国政治犯境况 (Forum: The Current Situation of China’s Political Prisoners)
Voice of America, November 26, 2006

Human Rights Defenders – Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚)
袁伟静被传唤后送医 情绪失控遭遇不明 (Wife of Blind Activist Sent to Hospital After Questioning by Police)
RFA, November 28, 2006

No Verdict Yet in Retrial of Chinese Rights Activist
Los Angeles Times, November 28, 2006

Human Rights Defenders – Rebiya Kadeer
热比亚的儿子被判刑 当局报复行为? (China Accused of Taking Revenge by Sentencing Rebiya Kadeer’s Sons)
Radio Free Asia, November 28, 2006

热比娅当选流亡疆独主席(Uyghur Activist Rebiya Kadeer Appointed Chairwoman of World Uyghur Congress)
Ming Pao, November 29, 2006

Human Rights Defenders – Shi Tao (师涛)
世界报业协会授予师涛自由金笔奖 (The World Association of Newspapers Honors Shi Tao with Press Freedom Award)
Voice of America, November 28, 2006

Human Rights Defenders – Wan Yanhai (万延海)
China Frees AIDS Activist, Four Others in Custody
Reuters via YahooNews, November 27, 2006

Local Cadres Attacked Over Gas Blast
SCMP, November 29, 2006

China Mine Bosses Jailed After Gas Blast Kills 166
Reuters via YahooNews, November 29, 2006

民事诉讼法修订专家建议稿亮相 力推有限三审制 (Expert Proposal to the Draft Revisions of the Civil Procedure Law Advocates a Restrictive Third-Instance-Being-Final System)
Xinhuanet, November 29, 2006

中国正探讨尝试网络有限实名:后台实名前台匿名 (Authorities Study the Feasibility of Adopting a Restrictive Real-Name Internet System)
The Beijing News, November 29, 2006

Dismayed Vatican Makes Final Plea to Stop Ordination
SCMP, November 30, 2006

Protests and Petitions
浙江失地农民代表被限制人身自由 (Freedoms of Representatives of Evicted Zhejiang Farmers Restricted after Forceful Repatriation by Police)
Radio Free Asia, November 28, 2006

Public Health
山东立法防治艾滋病 五类公共场所放置安全套 (Shandong Province Passes Regulation to Prevent AIDS)
Xinhuanet, November 29, 2006

China's Muslims Look to Middle East as Ties Grow
Reuters via YahooNews, November 27, 2006