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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

February 23, 2005

Top news of the day

June 4th – prisoners – Zhao Ziyang
Zhao supporter to sue over 'abduction'
SCMP, February 23, 2005
Mainland dissident Lin Mu (林牧) is set to file a lawsuit against Xian state police for illegally detaining him after the death of former Party Secretary Zhao Ziyang.

June 4th – EU arms ban
Bush warns Europe not to lift arms embargo against China
SCMP, February 23, 2005
US President George Bush warned EU that the US congress might retaliate if EU lifts the arms embargo against China.


Death penalty
Chief Judge says China would strictly limit giving death sentence
肖扬:中国严控死刑的适用 严格判处死刑的程序, February 22, 2005

University free if students go west
SCMP, February 23, 2005

River pollution remains chronic
SCMP, February 23, 2005

A Deadly Fever, Once Defeated, Lurks in a Chinese Lake
New York Times, February 22, 2005

Labour – industrial accidents
1 died and 13 injured in Guangdong firework workshop blast
广东茂名私炮作坊发生爆炸造成1人死亡13人受伤, February 23, 2005

China acts over mining disaster
BBC, 2.23.2005
The vice-governor of China's Liaoning province has been suspended in connection with last week's mine disaster, in which 214 miners died.

Judicial interpretation facilitates equity and justice and enhances public understanding to law enforcement
公正公平、便民利民:中国2004年新司法解释解读, February 23, 2005

Chinese Chief Justice on Human Rights Protection in Administration of Justice
People’s Daily, February 23, 2005

Law – legal profession
Why senior lawyers not keen to be judges?
People’s Daily, February 23, 2005

Lawyers’ rights and responsibilities should be explicitly emphasized in the upcoming revision of the procedural laws
People’s Daily, February 23, 2005

Draft of gov't work report discussed at Politburo meeting
People’s Daily, February 22, 2005

Public Health
Clinton Hails China's AIDS Progress, Offers Help
Reuters, Feb 23,2005
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said Wednesday China has made progress in fighting AIDS since he last visited in 2003 and his foundation would give drugs and help train doctors battling the disease.

WTO / rural issues
Chinese farmers are the victims of China’s access to the WTO, a World Bank report revealed
世界银行报告:中国农民成入世受害者, February 23, 2005