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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

March 09, 2011

Top news
Jasmine Rallies
“好一朵美丽的茉莉花”不能开在新华社 (Xinhua News Agency Searches Its Reporters for "Jasmine Flowers")
Radio Free Asia, March 08, 2011

U.S. Urges China to Halt Detention of Activists
Reuters, March 08, 2011

Two Sessions
中国近百位公民呼吁撤销刘翔等人政协委员资格 (~100 Call for the Removal of Celebrity CPPCC Members Like Liu Xiang)
Radio Free Asia, March 08, 2011

银河证券前高管涉贪千万判死缓 (Former Securities Exec Given Suspended Death Sentence for Swindling Public Funds)
Beijing News, March 09, 2011

Pollution Blocking Water Path
China Daily, March 09, 2011

Food Security
Food Safety Laws No More Than Words on Paper, Senior Official Says
South China Morning Post, March 09, 2011

Narrow Social Life Traps Women in Poverty
China Daily, March 09, 2011

Land Policy
Chinese Farmers Moved into Apartments in Land Grab
Associated Press, March 08, 2011

政協委員促取消嫖宿幼女罪 (CPPCC Delegate: Abolish Crime of Sex with Minors, Charge Offenders with Rape, which Has Stronger Penalties)
Central News Agency, March 09, 2011

看守所条例修订案上报 在押者判决前有望见家属 (Detainees May Get Pre-Sentencing Family Visists following New Amendment)
Legal Daily, March 09, 2011

China Media Push into the Web
The Wall Street Journal, March 09, 2011

Export of Books Set for Bright New Page
China Daily, March 09, 2011
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《瞭望》:新闻出版“走出去”机遇 (News and Publications See Chance to Take Off Overseas)
Outlook, March 8, 2011
Protests and Petitions
代表两会开支民众关注 吴华英北京上访遭拘 (Fujian Petitioner Wu Huaying Detained for 10 Days, HK Businessmen Present Mainland Corruption Grievances)
Radio Free Asia, March 08, 2011

押返原籍遇車禍 湖南訪民8重傷 (Bus Crashes as Detained Petitioners Escorted out of Beijing, 8 Severely Injured)
Ming Pao, March 09, 2011

Public Health
Shanghai Sees Cancer Rate Jump
South China Morning Post, March 09, 2011

钟南山:滥用抗生素责任在医生 后果非常严重 (NPC Rep on Antibiotic Abuse, High Drug Prices, Scant Hospital Competition, Heathcare Reform and the Flu)
Qiangjiang Evening News, March 08, 2011

人代:中國貧富差距40倍一成家庭擁45%財產 「派糖」難解決不公 (NPC Rep: Rich Earn 40 Times More Than Poor, 45% of Assets Owned by 10% of Families)
Ming Pao, March 09, 2011

Uyghur Prisoner Denied Medical Care
Radio Free Europe, March 08, 2011

China's Xinjiang 'Still Ethnically Divided'
Agence France-Presse, March 08, 2011
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China Says Lessons to Learn in Muslim Xinjiang from Mideast Unrest
Reuters, March 8, 2011
Chinese Official Touts Softer Line on Restive West
Associated Press, March 8, 2011