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Thursday, January 26, 2006

January 26, 2006

Top News of the Day

Media - Internet Censorship
US Congressman Takes Google to Task on China
Financial Times, January 26, 2006
Google will be included in a hearing scheduled for February 16 to examine the operating procedures of US internet companies in China. The hearing was called by US congressman Chris Smith following reports alleging online censorship imposed by Yahoo and Microsoft in China.


Corrupt Officials' Life of Luxury in Jail Exposed
SCMP, January 26, 2006

Death Penalty
向韩桂芝买官 两贪官判死缓 (Two Heilongjiang Officials Sentenced to Death with Two-Year Reprieve for Bribery and Other Crimes)
Nanfang City News, January 26, 2006

Economic Development
Social Costs of China's Prosperity
The Standard, January 26, 2006

395名校长因乱收费被撤 (395 School Principals Dismissed for Charging Illegal Fees)
The Beijing News, January 26, 2006

我国约有230万学生辍学家庭贫困是主因 (2.3 Million Children Across China Have Had to Leave School Due to Poverty), January 26, 2006

China Approves Regulations to Promote Water Conservancy
Xinhuanet, January 26, 2006

中国污染工厂向内地迁移 (Polluting Factories Are Moving Inland)
Radio Free Asia, January 25, 2006

公共政策与女性就业 (Public Policy and Women's Employment Opportunities)
Nanfang City News, January 26, 2006

Government - Grassroots Elections
村民委员会换届选举中若干问题的思考 (A Look at Several Problems in Upcoming Village Elections)
Legal Daily, January 26, 2006

Labor - Work Safety
Safety Before Profits in Mines, Wen Demands
SCMP, January 26, 2006

Labor - Employment Conditions
深圳侦骑四出 缉逃薪老闆 (Shenzhen Authorities Hunt Down Employers Who Failed to Pay Wages)
Wen Wei Po, January 26, 2006

Media - Censorship / Press Freedom
据报中国青年报冰点版被迫停刊 (China Youth Daily's "Freezing Point” Supplement Ordered to Close)
Voice of America, January 26, 2006

Editor of Axed Weekly 'Planning Legal Appeal'
SCMP, January 26, 2006

Journalists Banned from Workshop
SCMP, January 26, 2006

《冰点》遭停刊斥当局卑鄙 中宣部禁传媒报道 (“Freezing Point” Supplement Criticizes Authorities While CPC Propaganda Bureau Bans Media from Reporting on Closure)
Ming Pao, January 26, 2006

Media - Censorship / Press Freedom / Taiwan
Taiwanese Writer Slams China's Shutdown of Newspaper Supplement
SCMP, January 26, 2006

Media - Internet Censorship / Corporate Social Accountability
Google: China Decision Painful but Right
Reuters (via YahooNews), January 26, 2006

Thomas Hazlett: Google's Beautiful China Paradox
Financial Times, January 26, 2006

深圳全国首颁《警察通令》(Shenzhen First in the Country to Issue "Police Guidelines")
The Beijing News, January 26, 2006

Letter from China: China Builds a New Wall, and Democracy Hits It
International Herald Tribune, January 26, 2006

Poverty Reduction Targets Set for Next 5 Years
Xinhuanet, January 26, 2006

Public Health - HIV-AIDS/STDs
中国艾滋病呈蔓延趋势 (AIDS Epidemic Slowly Spreading in China)
Radio Free Asia, January 26, 2006

Public Health - Health Care Reform
讨论:中国平价医院是否可行 (Discussion: Will Budget Hospitals Work in China?)
Radio Free Asia, January 26, 2006