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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

August 16, 2005

Top news of the day

Media - Press freedom/censorship
Freedom row at China Youth Daily
SCMP, 16/08/2005
In a open letter, an editor of China Youth Daily, a state media, criticised the newspaper of adopting a new appraisal system which pegs journalists' bonuses to praise by party and government leaders. The system would restrain editorial freedom.

Xinjiang / Religion
Teacher and 37 students detained for reading Koran in China
AFP via, 15/08/2005
A Uighur woman and 37 of her students, most of whom were primary and secondary school pupils were detailed by the Xinjiang authorities for studying the Koran. Police confiscated 23 copies of the Koran, 56 textbooks on the Koran, and a hand-written manuscript and other religious materials.


NGO grows fruit trees to support street children to go to school
自 種 棗 樹 籌 款 10 月 才 有 收 成--北 京 逾 百 街 童 等 錢 開 學
Apple Daily, 16/08/2005

Detention – Wang Bingzhang (王炳章)
Dissident 'exonerated' in embassy bomb plot
SCMP, 16/08/2005

China addressing pollution issue
China Daily, 16/08/2005

China choked by pollution but signs emerge it is addressing the issue
AFP via, August 15 2005

China picks possible site for Guangdong Nuclear Plant
Business Week Online, 16/08/2005

Environment - Water
Water treatment for Nan Shui Bei Diao to take 100 years?
The Beijing News, 16/08/2005

Hukou / Population
How can we judge internal mobility of people with the standard of cross-country migration?
China Youth Daily, 16/08/2005

Labor - Employment market and income / SOEs
148 redundant SOE workers lose social security
China Youth Daily, 16/08/2005

Labor / Law
Zhejiang Supreme Court finally accepts a labour rights case that had been dismissed twice by local courts
People's Daily, 16/08/2005

Law - Court system
The expectation to pre-hearing system proposal that allows judges to decide on cases with greater independence
Legal Daily, 16/08/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship
China: Acting To Keep Out 'Harmful Information'
Radio Free Europe, 14/08/2005

Police – Abuse / Rural Issues
The power of security officers in rural villages should be regulated to avoid abuses
Legal Daily, 16/08/2005

Population - Gender imbalance / Public Health - HIV AIDS /STDs
China: gender imbalance of newborns widens and number of aids orphans on the rise
中国出生人口性别比继续拉大 艾滋孤儿数量增多
China News Agency, 16/08/2005

Population / Environment
Population growth leads experts to fear for environment
China Daily, 16/08/2005

Poverty - Rural poverty / Government - Fiscal
Income tax changes may lessen income disparity
个税法修改有利于遏制贫富差距扩大, 16/08/2005

China to amend personal income tax law
Xinhua, 16/08/2005

Widen the income gap: the rich makes huge profit from buying state properties at cheap price
中国贫富差距拉大 富豪廉价买国有资产一夜暴富, 16/08/2005

Borders/Territories - Taiwan
KMT legislators depart for China
By Shih Hsiu-Chuan, Tapei Times, August 16, 2005

China slams new proposals on Taiwan
Xinhua, 16/08/2005

Borders/Territories - Tibet
Tibet to have one more airport
Xinhua, 16/08/2005