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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December 3, 2008


Bilateral Ties
Call for Calm over France Boycott
South China Morning Post, December 03, 2008

Police Liaison Officers to be Sent to Australia
China Daily, December 03, 2008

Civil Society
New Push for Tiananmen Reforms
The Age (Australia), December 03, 2008

Shenzhen Activists Distribute “Democracy Survey” Pamphlets On The Streets
China Digital Times, December 03, 2008

Man in the News: Huang Guangyu
Financial Times, November 28, 2008

Death Penalty
Family of Executed Chinese Scientist Family Not Told of Death
China Post, December 03, 2008

Death toll Rises to 22 in NW China Highway Crash
China Daily, December 02, 2008

Schoolmaster Detained after Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills 11 Girls
China Daily, December 03, 2008

Beijing Reaches Clean Air Goal for 2008
Associated Press (available at the International Herald Tribune), December 03, 2008

China Presses for New Treaty
Shanghai Daily, December 03, 2008

Food Security
Official: China to Build Sugar Stockpiles, Maintain Price Stability
Xinhuanet, December 02, 2008

惠州工廠裁員工人圍堵公司 (Workers Surround Huizhou Company in Protest over Job Cuts)
Ming Pao, December 03, 2008

Judicial Aid Made Available to Firms
China Daily, December 03, 2008

China Investigates Attack on Foreign Journalists
Associated Press (via YahooNews), December 02, 2008
Related News:
Local official: Belgian Journalists, Villagers Scuffle in China's AIDS Zone
Xinhuanet, December 02, 2008

Chinese Authorities Enforce Switch from Microsoft
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2008

本台独家:河北房产骗局业主受害 数百诉请政府负责媒体噤声 (Hundreds of Property Fraud Victims Blame Government for Media Silence)
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2008

「维权中国」网站遭百度、雅虎、搜狗搜索引擎屏蔽 (Yahoo, Baidu and Sogou Search Engines Screen Rights Defence Website)
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2008

Family Planning Policy Doesn't Contradict Human Rights
China Daily, December 03, 2008

Man Arrested for Illegally Dumping Mother's Body
Shanghai Daily, December 02, 2008

Protests and Petitions
刚刚获释的南沽股民表示要坚持上访 (Duped Investors Released from Detention Claim They Will Continue to Petition)
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2008

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假股票“南航权证”受害者示威被拘留 (Fake Stock Fraud Victims Detained After Protest)
Radio Free Asia, December 01, 2008
AIDS Activist Sent Home from Beijing
Radio Free Asia, December 03, 2008

荷泽工农齐维权 带头人士被拘押 (Heze Workers and Farmers Petition in Beijing, Leader Remains Imprisoned)
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2008

广东和平县村民反对政府强行修建火葬场 (Guangdong Villagers Clash with Police over Building of Crematorium)
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2008

湖南隆回教师集体罢课示威请愿 (Hunan Teachers on Strike)
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2008

Public Health

广东9岁病童企图自杀 突显贫困人口看病难 (Guangdong Nine-year-old Attempts Suicide, Highlights Inaccessibility of MedicalTreatment for Poor)
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2008

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to Embrace 6 More Railway Lines by 2020
Xinhuanet, December 03, 2008

中国当局加强控制边境 藏人出逃路线被堵 (Government Strengthens Border Control, Blocks Tibetan Escape Route)
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2008