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Friday, May 27, 2005

May 27, 2005

Top news of the day

Detention - Xu Wanping (許萬平)
Xu Wanping formally arrested on a charge of “subversion of state”
许万平被正式逮捕 当局正罗织罪名, May 27, 2005
The wife of Xu Wanping (許萬平), a rights activist who was taken away by the police on April 30, has been informed by the Chongqing police that Xu was arrested abd charged with “subversion of state” yesterday.

Xinjiang/Media-press freedom
Five magazines banned in Xinjiang as the authority says ‘they’re illegal’
中国政府在新疆强行取缔五种报刊, May 26, 2005
A Xinjiang independent movement group condemned the Chinese government of media control and violation of freedom of speech in Xinjiang as five magazines were banned by the government due to reporting political sensitive stories.


Half of Children food in Guangdong fail to meet health standard, a survey shows
广东工商局抽查发现:将近半数儿童食品不合格, May 27, 2005

Gender Issues
UN Gender and Society Research Fund launched in China
The Beijing News, May 27, 2005

Labour-Employment market and income
Ministry of Labour and Social Security suggests four measures to ensure labour get paid
People’s Daily, May 27, 2005

Loopholes in Chinese judicial protection system lead to the suicide of policeman, says lawyer of innocent “wife-killer”
佘祥林律师称司法保护程序出差错造成民警自杀, May 27, 2005

Public Health - HIV-AIDS
US NGO workers optimistic about HIV prevention efforts in China
Voice of America, May 26, 2005

Public Health - Mental Health
Mental health activists
Nanfang Weekend, May 26, 2005

Resettlement - Protests and Petition
700 Villagers block construction work of Jing Cheng Highway to protest against unreasonable land compensation
征地费问题引发不满 京承高速施工被村民阻停, May 27, 2005

Society - Drug
Battles won on drugs, but war rages on
China Daily, May 27, 2005

Society - Housing
Affordable Housing in Beijing: a breakthrough to secure right to housing of the poor
Nanfang Weekend, May 26, 2005

Society – ethnic minority / Law
State Council to implement Certain regulations on PRC on Regional National Autonomy
Xinhuanet, May 27, 2005

Three Gorges
Tale of two towns by the Yangtze
China Daily, May 27, 2005

Hong Kong
Gay couples 'not immune to issues of gender'
SCMP, May 27, 2005