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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 May, 2009

Bilateral Ties
China Re-Elected to UN Human Rights Council
China Daily, May 13, 2009

中美对话基金会促奥重视中国人权 (Dui Hua Foundation Urges Obama to Emphasize Chinese Human Rights)
Voice of America, May 12, 2009

More Top Officials Linked to Graft Probe
South China Morning Post, May 13, 2009

揭发临沂贪污的张建国被警察虐打致死 (Citizen who Exposed Corruption Beaten to Death by Police)
Radio Free Asia, May 12, 2009

Senior Official Calls on Party's Chiefs to Fight against Corruption
Xinhuanet, May 12, 2009

地震周年祭 胡锦涛未提“豆腐渣” (Hu Avoids Talk of "Tofu-dregs" Buildings during Quake Anniversary)
BBC, May 13, 2009

Ministry to Log Geological Hazards Facing Schools, and Monitor Them
South China Morning Post, May 13, 2009

34公民呼吁公布地震死难者名单 (34 Citizens Call for Disclosure of Quake Deaths)
Radio France Internationale, May 12, 2009

Chinese Vice Premier Calls for Enhancing Public Awareness of Disaster Reduction
Xinhuanet, May 12, 2009

川震周年德阳倒塌学校成管制区 媒体和民间人士遭打压 (Media and Citizens Suppressed during Quake Anniversary, Collapsed School Off Limits)
Radio Free Asia, May 12, 2009

June 4th
China Arrests Returned Tiananmen Student Leader: Family
Reuters, May 13, 2009

基督徒续签「六四」声明 名单将于香港公布 (Christians Sign Tiananmen Square Declaration in Hong Kong)
Radio Free Asia, May 12, 2009

法治政府指标深圳试水 市长权力越小政府服务越好 ("Government Rule of Law Index" Tested in Shenzhen)
China Daily (available at Xinhuanet), May 13, 2009

Chinese VP Calls for Enhancing Democratic Consultation in Practicing "Scientific Outlook"
Xinhuanet, May 12, 2009